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Access Bank is a major financial institution in Nigeria. Established in 1989, the finance company has grown by leaps and bounds to a point where it is now described as one of the top ranking and largest banks in Nigeria. One of the factors that positioned Access bank rise as a leading financial service provider is its innovative focus towards meeting the needs of its customers through technology. Similarly, the USSD code for Access bank is a valuable innovation that allows you to access transfer codes for various purposes, as we will see.

As civilization evolves, new technological discoveries are made. Accordingly, many companies try to incorporate these new automations into the solutions they proffer. Similarly, Access bank adopted the use of USSD (unstructured supplementary service data) codes. What’s more, the Access bank USSD code is a quick code that customers can easily utilize to access important information pertaining to their accounts. Not only do quick codes allow customers to have their personal data sent to them when they need it the most, it also improves their overall banking experience.

Banking systems provide many new convenient features for customers. Therefore, in this article, you’ll learn about the USSD code for Access bank, transfer code for access bank, access bank loan code, transfer code for Access bank, and the Access bank code to check balance.

What Is the Access Bank Transfer Code?

Access bank offers a wide range of services that can be accessed using their transfer code. These include opening a new account, paying bills, buying airtime, and sending money. Without a doubt, the transfer code is easy to use and makes banking convenient and hassle-free.

The official transfer code for Access Bank is *901#. Additionally, this short code applies to Access bank and Access-Diamond bank customers. Moreover, as a customer, this code gives you access to the 24 hour banking services that the financial institution renders. One of which is the flexibility to perform a number of banking operations without having to visit the bank or going to an ATM stand. Altogether, the Access bank transfer code is a handy tool that allows you to do a variety of things, including opening a new account, paying bills, buying airtime, and sending money.

How to Activate the Transfer Code on Your Account

Regarding the Access bank transfer code activation,, then follow the procedures below to activate the Access bank transfer code on your mobile phone:

  1. Dial *901# via the caller app on your phone. Be sure to use the phone number that is linked to your Access bank account
  2. Select Option 2 to attempt a funds transfer
  3. You will be asked to enter the last six digits of your Access bank debit card. In case you do not have an active debit card, then you will be prompted to input your date of birth
  4. Next, enter your 10-digit Access bank account number
  5. Follow the prompt to create a 4-digit PIN to authorize your transaction
  6. Enter your preferred 4-digit PIN to proceed
  7. Confirm the 4-digit pin by entering it again
  8. That’s it. You can now start enjoying the Access bank USSD banking services

How It Works

  • Now that you’ve activated your Access Bank USSD code, you can perform a ton of transactions with it. The financial service provider designed this quick code in such a way that its customers can conveniently carry out the following functions:
  • Send and receive money
  • Buy airtime for yourself and others
  • Check your account balance
  • Open a new Access bank account
  • Buy data
  • Pay merchant
  • Pay utility bills
  • Generate OTP for other transactions
  • Deactivate your USSD profile if your mobile device gets lost or stolen

Features of the *901# Short Code

  • The service is fast and convenient
  • It is very easy to understand and use
  • It is quite safe as your details are kept secure
  • It is available round the clock
  • The service does not require internet connection or data
  • Airtime is not needed to use the code
  • The code works on all devices
  • It is available on all telecommunication networks in Nigeria
  • The service is available on weekdays, weekends and even holidays

How to Send Money via the Access Bank Transfer Code

If you need to send money to another bank account, you can do so by using the transfer code for Access bank. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Launch the caller app on your mobile phone
  2. Dial *901*Amount*Account Number# via to transfer money to another Access bank account
  3. Dial *901*2*Amount*Account Number# to send money to other banks
  4. Please enter your 4-digit transfer PIN to confirm the transaction
  5. You will receive a notification confirming the successful completion of the transaction, as well as a debit alert. 

How to Buy Airtime via the Access Bank USSD Code

You can easily buy airtime for yourself or your friends using your bank account balance with the USSD code. Check out the simple steps below to see how to purchase airtime using the USSD code.

  1. Launch the caller app on your phone
  2. Dial *901*Amount# to buy airtime for yourself. Here’s an example: *901*1000#, for N1000 worth of airtime, and so on
  3. Dial *901*Amount*Phone Number# to buy airtime for your loved one. For example, dial *901*1000*08123456790#
  4. Enter your 4-digit transfer PIN to confirm the transaction
  5. You will receive a confirmation message notifying you of a successful transaction as well a debit alert

How to Reset Your Transaction Pin

If you can’t remember your transfer PIN or notice that it isn’t working for USSD transactions, please follow the procedures below to reset it:

  1. Launch the caller app on your phone
  2. Dial *901# using the phone number linked to your Access bank account
  3. Select Option 4 to reset your PIN
  4. Enter your old transfer PIN
  5. Enter your new transfer PIN
  6. Confirm your entry by typing it in again
  7. That’s it! You’ve successfully reset your transaction PIN 

How to Open An Account

  • Dial *901*0#
  • Select option 1 – open the account
  • Select Option 1 to use your BVN or Option 2 to continue without your BVN
  • Follow the prompts to complete your transaction
  • Upon provision of the required details, you will receive an SMS with details of your new account number

If you don’t know your BVN by heart, find out how to check your BVN regardless of the network you use. Note that you can open an account from anywhere. You don’t need to fill out any form or require a minimum opening balance. The process is swift, convenient, and can be done with any mobile device.

How to Take a Loan

  • If you’ve been wondering about the code to borrow money from Access bank, here’s what you need to know.
  • Launch your phone caller app
  • Dial *901*11# and follow the prompts till the process is completed.

You do not need any documentation or collateral to get the loan, and you have up to 36 months of tenure. Note that this service doesn’t require visits to the bank. This code is all you need.

What’s the Access Bank Code to Check Your Balance?

To check your account balance, simply dial *901*00# with your Access Bank registered phone number. Authenticate your transaction using a 4-digit security code. Your account balance is immediately generated after this has been provided. You can check the status of your account at any time, wherever you are.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transfer money and do an airtime top-up for yourself and your loved one, the Access bank swift code is your best bet. To use the access bank short code, you must be a registered account holder with Access Bank. Just follow the procedures in this article to get started. 




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