Access Bank Customer Care

Access Bank Customer Care


Access bank is one of the foremost banks that currently exist in Nigeria. If you currently operate an Access bank account and you are wondering, how you can reach out to their customer care without the hassle of going to the bank, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be telling you everything you need to know about the Access bank customer care.

For Access bank, the welfare of her customer is top priority. This is why they have made their customer care service very easy to access. Presently, you can contact the Access bank customer care through so many channels.

What Is The Access Bank Customer Care About?

Access bank is one of the few banks in Nigeria with impeccable service, but as much as this is true, we cannot excuse the fact no one can be 100% accurate, so there may be few lapses here and there. The Access bank customer care is a structure that has been put in place by Access bank for the purpose of receiving and handling complaints and other grievances.

As with every other bank, there can sometimes be delays in transaction, error in transaction, unfair charges, poor service from a member of staff, or customers may sometimes have other issues with their account that needs the service and expertise of skilled personnel to sort it out, now, that is where the Access bank customer care comes in. Access bank customer care consist of staff that has been trained to handle any of such issues.

How Do I Contact Access Bank Customer Care?

There are several easy and quick method you can use to contact/each out to the Access customer care, some of which are:

  1. Through their customer care call line
  2. Through their social media handles
  3. Via the Access bank live chat portal
  4. Via the Access, bank WhatsApp banking service.
  5. Visit any Access bank branch near you.


Through Their Customer Care Call line
Through Their Customer Care Call line

Access bank has provided the option of reaching her customer care quickly and from the comfort of your home. This can be done by placing a call across to any of the Access bank customer care numbers. Presently, there are three (3) of such numbers you can call. The numbers are 07003000000, 01-2802500, 01-2712005-7. when you dial any of these numbers, you will be attended to by the Access bank customer care Lagos.

It will interest you to note that the calls are toll free; this means you will not be charged for making this call. So when next you have an issue with your Access bank account, simply pick up your phone and dial any of the numbers above, although you may be placed in line, but don’t worry, in no time, you will be attended to.

If this method is not convenient for you, then you can try out other methods listed below.

Through Their Social Media Platforms
Through Their Social Media Platforms

In this era of social media, a whole lot of things have become easier, as so many organizations are currently exploring this new trend. Access bank in keeping up with the current trend has accounts on the various social media platforms. However, unlike other organizations, Access bank is known for replying swiftly to messages sent on their social medial platforms. Some of these platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, when you have an issue with your account, you can log on to any of these platforms and send a message to them, trust me, you will get a response before long.

Their handle on the various platforms is @AccessBank, this is the same for both Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is a 24 hours service.


Via The Access Bank Live Chat Portal

Another method through which you can contact Access Bank customer care is via their live chat portal. On this portal, you get to chat live with a customer care representative. The steps to follow are:

  1. You can do this by logging on to
  1. After logging in, you will be asked to provide details such as:

your name,

phone number (i.e. the number that is registered with your bank),

your email address,

account number,

subject (i.e. a title or heading for the compliant you want to make, or simply put, what the compliant is all about)

your security code.

  1. After providing the information, you can now go ahead and make your compliant and you will be attended to in no time.

Easy right? Go ahead and try it out today or the next time you have an issue that needs sorting out.


Access Bank WhatsApp Banking Service

Access bank also provide a WhatsApp service for quick and easy customer care service. The Access bank WhatsApp number is 09090901901. This method is very quick and efficient. If you have a WhatsApp enabled phone and you do not feel the need to use any of the other methods outlined above, then this method is your best bet. The WhatsApp service is a 24 hours service.

Visit Any Access Bank Branch Near You

If you have tried all else and still, the issue has not been resolved, then I think it is time to visit any Access bank branch office near you. When you get to the bank, ask to speak with a customer care representative. Then, go ahead to make your complaint.

You can also send a compliant letter to the bank. This is in accordance with the regulation of the Central Bank of Nigeria, in its circular – FPR/DIR/CIR/GEN/01/020, which was made in 2011.

Depending on the nature of your complaint, it may be resolved within a few minutes hours or a few working days. Although, Access bank has been mandated to resolve your compliant within a maximum of 14 working days.

You can also visit the Access bank website on . Alternatively, you can send them a mail through their official Email address; [email protected]


I hope this article has been helpful in providing all the information you need as regards Access bank customer care service. Therefore, the next time you have a compliant or an issue with your Access bank account quickly make use of any of the methods explained in this article. In no time, the issue will be resolved.

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