First Bank Transfer Code

First Bank Transfer Code

Are you a newly registered First Bank customer who visits the bank for any transaction? You should read this article to learn how to utilize the First bank transfer code for financial transactions, including how to send money, pay bills, purchase airtime, and many other features – all without visiting the four walls of a physical bank.

Welcome! In this article, you will discover vital information pertaining to everything about the First bank transfer code. But first, let’s take a cursory look at the history of this great financial institution.

A Brief History of First Bank

The premiere bank in West Africa, First bank of Nigeria Limited, has made a significant impact that permeates all aspects of society since its inception. that permeates all aspects of society. As the leading provider of financial inclusion services in the area, the Bank has maintained its development-focused services for more than 128 years. FirstBank serves more than 36 million customer accounts through more than 800 branches and 190,000 Agent Banking locations, providing a full range of retail and corporate financial services.

FirstBank, a national symbol and global player, is among the most enduring names in the financial services industry in Africa. It has international presences through its subsidiaries, FBN Bank (UK) Limited in London and Paris, FBNBank in the Republic of Congo, Ghana, The Gambia, Guinea, Sierra-Leone, and Senegal, as well as a Representative Office in Beijing. FirstBank was quick to promote a digital economy in Africa and was the first bank in Nigeria to issue over 12 million cards. The bank’s efforts to promote financial inclusion and cashless transactions have resulted in the adoption of its USSD banking service and its FirstMobile App. Consequently, these products and much more have won the bank a number of awards of which it boasts.

What Is the First Bank Transfer Code?

With its transfer code, First bank has simplified the transaction procedures for all its customers. All you have to do is dial *894#, which is First Bank’s USSD code. You can access this quick code if you have a FirstBank account with a linked debit card, a phone number profiled for SMS alerts, and a mobile phone. This article will provide you with vital information on how to use the First Bank short code for all kinds of transactions.

Features of First Bank USSD Code

No matter where they are, customers can have a simple life thanks to USSD banking. These are the features of the First Bank transfer code:

  1. It offers quick access to banking services
  1. It is secure
  2. It is convenient
  3. It is easy
  4. It does not require internet connection

Steps to Activate the First Bank USSD Code

To activate FirstBank USSD quick banking service is quite easy. Simply follow the guidelines below to learn how to register and activate this mobile banking service:

  1. Dial *894*0# and a list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account will be displayed
  2. Select your preferred debit card
  3. Enter the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the selected debit card
  4. Create a new 5-digit PIN and your USSD code for First Bank registration is complete.

Note: Ensure that you use a PIN you can easily remember.

How to Use the First Bank Short Code

As stated above, you can use the First bank quick code to complete a number of banking transactions and we will be exploring the processes involved in some of these transactions.

  • Transfer Money

You can complete this transaction without an internet connection if you need to send money to friends and family. Furthermore, the same USSD code works for money transfers to First bank accounts as well as to other banks. Here’s a step-by-step process:

  1. Launch your phone caller app and dial *894*Amount*Account Number.
  2. Choose the beneficiary bank
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send
  4. Verify the beneficiary name and account
  5. Enter your five-digit PIN to confirm the transaction


Here’s a clearer example: To transfer 7,000 naira to 0123456789, for instance, dial *894*7000*0123456789#. To validate the transaction, please make sure you enter the correct beneficiary information, including the beneficiary’s account number, bank name, and transfer pin.

  • Link Your BVN to Your Bank Account

Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a biometric identification system established by the Central Bank of Nigeria in alliance with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) to reduce illegal banking transactions. The BVN code is an 11-digit number that acts as your universal identification in all banks in Nigeria. You don’t need to access the internet to check your BVN code, nor do you need any high-end smartphones to link your BVN to your account or to check your BVN details. If you haven’t linked your BVN to your First Bank account, then follow these easy steps to do so on your phone:
Link Your BVN to Your Bank Account

  1. Launch your phone caller app and dial *894*BVN# using the phone number that is linked to your bank account. For example, if your BVN is 57370, then you will have to dial *894*57370#
  2. You will receive a message from First Bank on your mobile phone confirming that you have linked your BVN to your First Bank account successfully
  3. However, if you don’t have your BVN details, you can simply dial *565*0# then follow the steps in number 1 and 2 above
  • Check Your Account Balance

By dialing the First bank USSD code, you can check your account balance whenever you want to be certain of the precise amounts you have in your account. If you have ever stood in line to use the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) under the scorching Nigerian sun, then you know how much of a blessing this quick code is. Using a phone number that is linked to an account, simply dial dial *894*00#. Follow the prompts and you’ll receive an SMS with the details of your account balance. Note that there are fees associated with this service on the part of the bank.

  • Get a Loan

Did you know that there is a USSD code to borrow money from FirstBank? If you require cash immediately to launch a building project or finance a business, you can reach out to First Bank using the USSD code for loans from. As one of the best banks in Nigeria, FirstBank provides instant cash bank loans with low interest rates and no paperwork. To obtain a loan from FirstBank, you can follow these simple steps:.
Get a Loan from Bank code via ussd code

  1. Launch the caller app on your mobile phone and dial the code *894#
  2. Select Option 3 – Get Loans. The next menu will reveal your eligible loan amount
  3. Enter your desired amount and send. The interest rate, management fees and insurance policy will be displayed
  4. Enter your 5-digit transaction PIN to accept all terms and conditions. Once approved, the loan will then be disbursed into your bank 


Note that your bank account must be a salary account that has been receiving salary for at least 6 months for you to be eligible for a loan from First Bank.

  • DStv Subscription

If your DStv subscription expires, there’s no need to worry because you can easily renew it by using FirstBank’s *894# USSD code. Simply dial *8943*SmartCard Number# and follow the on-screen instructions to add more subscription payments to your DStv cable service.

  • GOtv Subscription

You can use the FirstBank USSD code to make GOtv subscription payments just like you would for DStv subscription payments by dialling the FirstBank GOtv subscription code. Just dial *8943*IUC Number# and adhere to the on-screen prompts to make payments for your GOtv cable service.

  • Bet9ja Funding

If you’re a huge Football fan and want to be rewarded for your passion, then you will love this code. Did you know that you can fund your bet wallet without going to the bank? All you need is to do this:
Bet9ja Funding on Firstbank via USSD code

  1. Launch the caller app on your mobile phone and dial *894#
  2. Select “Pay Merchant (Bet9ja/Lotto)”
  3. Enter your Bet9ja User ID
  4. Enter the desired amount you wish to send to your Bet9ja account. It’s as simple as that

List of First Bank USSD Codes

Find the list of all First bank transaction types and their short code below.

  • Account opening  *894*0#
  • Airtime recharge for others *894*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Airtime recharge for self *894*Amount#
  • For transfer *894*Amount*Account Number#
  • To check balance *894*00#
  • To deactivate your mobile number from USSD profile Dial *894*911#
  • USSD for mini-statement *894*Account Number#


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