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Do you wish to learn more about the GOtv subscription with its wonderful packages and prices? You are definitely in the right place.

In this modern world, television has become an essential part of our daily lives.

The constant stream of information, entertainment, and drama provides an escape from the monotony of everyday life. But with so many options available, it can be hard to choose a cable subscription that fits your budget and meets your entertainment needs.

Choose GOtv.

GOtv is a digital television service owned by MultiChoice. The Multichoice Group, which also owns DStv, is the maker of GOtv Nigeria. DStv employs satellite connectivity, which is how the two products differ from one another.

GOtv is available in Nigeria and several other African countries. This television platform in Africa offers a variety of channels to its subscribers. Some of the channels that the GOtv subscription packages offer include sports, news, movies, and entertainment.

From sports to movies, and everything in between, GOtv offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed movies or prefer to watch the news and current affairs, GOtv has you covered. With a mix of free-to-air and pay channels, you can choose the channels you want to watch.

GOtv is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to navigate through the channels and select your preferred programming. And with its compact and portable decoder, you can take GOtv with you wherever you go.

In this blog post, our focus is on GOtv Nigeria. We will show you the subscription packages, and their prices. We also are showing you how you can manage your GOtv packages via the GOtv self-service platforms.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the various GOtv subscription packages available in Nigeria and their prices.

GOtv Subscription Packages, Channels, and Prices

GOtv has a bouquet of packages suitable for its customers’ budgets. These GOtv subscription packages vary in terms of channel selection and price.

Here are the five (5) available packages and their prices:

1. The GOtv Smallie—₦900

2. GOtv Jinja—₦1,900

3. The GOtv Jolli–₦2,800

4. GOtv Max—₦4,150

5. GOtv Supa—₦5,500

Let’s look at each of these in detail, along with their prices and channels.

1. GOtv Subscription – Smallie

Just as the name implies, this is the smallest and most affordable package that GoTv offers. Customers get to pay ₦900 monthly, ₦2,400 quarterly, and ₦7,000 yearly.

Cool right?

This GOtv subscription package also has a list of over 35+ channels available to all of its subscribers.

Precisely, it has 36 channels, which comprise:

  • One (1) sports channel and
  • 35 other genre channels.

2. GOtv Subscription – Jinja

This GOtv subscription package costs ₦1,900 per month.

It comes after the GOtv Smallie package. GOtv Jinja offers sports and fantastic TV 24/7 on channels with crystal clear reception.

It has over 45+ channels. Precisely, it has a total of 47 channels, which comprise

  • One (1) music channel
  • Two (2) sports channels
  • One(1) Movie channel, and
  • 43 other genre channels.

3. GOtv Jolli

The cost of this GOtv subscription package is ₦2,800 monthly.

Affordably priced entertainment with flexible payment choices to fit your lifestyle is guaranteed by GOtv Jolli. It has over 65+ channels.

Precisely, it has a total of 68 channels, which comprise:

  • Three (3) music channels
  • Three (3) sports channels
  • Three (3) movie channels
  • 59 other genre channels.

4. GOtv Max

This GOtv subscription package cost ₦4,150 monthly.

It gives you the most enjoyment. Packed with movies, telenovelas, TV shows for children, and local and foreign series. This ensures that there is something enjoyable for everyone.  It has over 75+ channels.

Precisely, it has a total of 78 channels, which comprise:

  • Three (3) music channels,
  • Six (6) sports channels
  • Four (4) movie channels
  • 65 other genre channels.

5. GOtv Supa

This package costs ₦5,500 monthly.

Subscribers get a Supa-sized experience with the GOtv Supa package. More local stations, kids’ channels, lifestyle channels, novels, and other reasons to love it are added to the already crystal-clear picture.

It has over 80+ channels. Precisely, it has a total of 87 channels, which comprise:

  • Three (3) music channels
  • Three (6) sports channels
  • Seven (7) movie channels
  • 71 other genre channels.

How to Subscribe to GOtv Subscription Packages

The GOtv subscription process is quick and hassle-free. You can subscribe online or visit a GOtv dealer to sign up. The platform offers flexible payment options, so you can choose a plan that suits your budget and your needs.

To subscribe to GOtv, you will need a GOtv decoder and an active GOtenna (antenna). After purchasing the decoder, you can proceed to make a payment. After the payment, subscribe to one of the available bouquets.

This varies in price and channel selection depending on your chosen package. To make payment for the subscription, you can use the GOtv online platform. There is also the GOtv mobile app (available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store). You can also use your debit card, or bank’s USSD code, or visit any of the GOtv agents nationwide.

You can also renew your subscription or upgrade to a different bouquet at any time by making a payment. Additionally, customers can also make payments via mobile money platforms like Paga, OPay, eTranzact, and Quickteller.

Additionally, GOtv offers some promotional packages and discounts on subscriptions, so it is always a good idea to check for these before subscribing or renewing.

NOTE: The GOtv subscription packages have monthly and annual subscription plans, depending on your preference.

Once your payment is confirmed, you can then activate your subscription by tuning in to the GOtv channel on your decoder. This will prompt you to enter your smartcard number (IUC number). This number is located at the back of your decoder.

After entering the correct smartcard number, your subscription will be activated, and you will be able to access all the channels included in your package.

GOtv Self-Service Platforms

The GOtv self-service is a convenient way for subscribers to manage their accounts and make payments without having to visit a physical location. If you want to take control of your viewing experience. This self-service platform is all you need.

Below are three(3) available GOtv self-service platforms. You can choose any of these to be able to carry out any of your GOtv services and take control and start enjoying all of your viewing experience


With USSD, you may access your most recent four transactions, view what you owe, remove error codes, transfer money across accounts, and reconnect packages.

To make use of this Self-service, simply dial *288# on your mobile phone and follow the prompts for the service you need.

You can see how convenient this is right?

2. GOtv Website

Accessing the GOtv website is not hard. Just by clicking the GOtv Website, you can conveniently access and manage your account via your phone, tablet, desktop, and PC.

Note: If you are a new customer, you have to sign up first. But if you are an existing customer, who has already signed up, simply select Nigeria. Then input your phone number and IUC number

3. MyGOtv App

For Andriod users, you can easily download the GOtv mobile app via the Google Play Store by Clicking here

For iPhone users, you can also download the GOtv mobile app via the Apple Play store by Clicking here

All you need is your GOtv self-service login information, which consists of your mobile phone number and IUC number (located on an orange sticker behind your decoder). You need these in order to access your account. 

On the official website, the GOtv app, or by using the USSD code on your mobile dialer app, users can access the GOtv self-service portal. Conveniently and digitally, you can carry out the following tasks:

1. Upgrading your GOtv package

2. Resolving Error messages

3. Finding the nearest GOtv installer closer to you

4. Activation of your GOtv account

How to Upgrade Your GOtv Subscription Package

There are several ways you can upgrade Your GOtv subscription. You can easily go to any GOtv agent office nearby and do an upgrade. This is easy though, but what’s easier when you can do it yourself from the convenience of your home?

Here is how to upgrade your GOtv subscription

1. Go to any of the GOtv self-service app(GOtv website, myGOtv app, or USSD) mentioned above

2. Input your details( Your phone number and your IUC number)

3. You will be taken to your dashboard(If you’re using the mobile app option). If you are using the USSD option, check the prompts to upgrade

Alternatively, you can simply wait for your previous package to expire. Then you can upgrade to a new package of your choice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the GOtv Prices for each package?

1. GOtv Smallie— ₦900

2. The GOtv Jinja— ₦1,900

3. GOtv Jolli– ₦2,800

4. GOtv Max— ₦4,150

5. GOTV Supa– ₦5,500

What is the IUC number? How do I find this number?

On an orange sticker under your decoder, you can see your IUC number. It is linked with your decoder and the customer number you obtained from Multichoice when you first started your GOtv subscription.

How do I contact GOtv customer care service in Nigeria?

You can contact GOtv customer care via the mediums below:

Phone Number: +234 803 904 4688
Email: [email protected]

Physical Address: Multichoice Nigeria Limited, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State

Social media handles: Facebook, Twitter

You can simply click here to get all the contact details listed above.


This post covered everything you needed to know about the GOtv subscription. You also saw its incredible packages and costs, as well as the channel lists for each subscription. We also showed you many ways to subscribe to these GOtv bundles. You also got to see how you can upgrade your GOtv subscription package.

So why not join the GOtv community today and start your journey through affordable TV entertainment?


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