GTBank Transfer Code – All You Need to Know

GTBank Transfer Code

Have you ever had to use the GTBank Transfer Code? If not, you’re missing out! In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about using the GTBank Transfer Code. We will also spill all the tea on what to use the GTBank transfer code for, from the basics like how it works to more in – depth information about the different options available for you.

Brief Overview of GTBank

Guaranty Trust Bank Limited (GTBank) offers a wide range of industry-leading financial products and services to individuals, companies, private and public institutions. The Bank is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and subsidiaries are also located Across Africa and beyond. GTBank Limited is committed to achieving the best results for both our clients and the communities in which we operate. Since its inception, this leading financial giant has consistently grown its our strong service culture, effective management, world-class corporate governance standards, and creative innovation.

Correspondingly, the bank has building solid, value-adding relationships with clients, stakeholders, and the communities in which it operates in a bid to achieve its vision of becoming a platform for enriching lives. Accordingly, GTBank has received numerous awards in Nigeria and Africa for its exemplary leadership, customer service and value addition culture. In keeping with this vision, GTBank consistently developing ground-breaking concepts that provide customers with more value outside of banking, of which the *737# code is a part. The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code was created to ensure simple banking for every Nigerian.

What Is the GTBank Transfer Code?

The GTBank USSD banking uses a special code known as *737#. The code offers a convenient and secure way to do your banking transactions. It is an easy-to-use service that allows customers to transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria within seconds. With this service, customers can transfer money to any bank account in the country, regardless of bank or the recipient’s location. Additionally, the code allows customers to view their account balance, transfer funds between their accounts, and even purchase airtime.

One of the sweetest parts of using this code is that it saves you time and in effect, money. In fact, it can limit the stress factors in your life, no jokes. No more standing in that never-ending queue just to make a transfer or see Customer Care for your account balance. Besides, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest as you are assured that your transactions are secure and all your personal details are safe from fraudsters kept safe.

You can easily transfer money and pay merchants and their friends and family securely and conveniently using this code. You can transfer money between accounts, purchase airtime, pay bills, and more using this quick code. There’s no need for a computer or an internet connection, all you need a mobile device which doesn’t necessarily have to be a smartphone. We’ll go over the GTBank transfer code’s features, usage scenarios, advantages and commonly asked questions in this article. We’ll also examine a few of the problems that users of the GTBank Transfer Code frequently run into and what you can do if you experience such challenges.

Features of the Transfer Code

  1.  1. It is fast, secure and convenient
  2. 2.  It offers various options for paying bills with ease
  3. 3. It allows you to change your PIN whenever you want
  4. 4. It allows you to check your account balance at any time
  5. 5. It. provides for Bank Verification Number (BVN) update
  6. 6.  It allows you to block your stolen ATM cards
  7. 7. It offers SMS and email alerts feature
  8. 8. It runs everyday, round-the-clock
  9. It also offers express checkouts

Activate the GTBank Transfer Code for Use

If you would like to activate the GTB short code for transfer, then follow these easy steps:
Activate the GTBank Transfer Code

  1. Launch the caller app on your mobile phone and dial *737* on the phone to activate the gt code for transfer.
  2. Enter your 10-digit NUBAN account number
  3. Enter your 11-digit Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  4. Enter the last 6 digits of your debit/credit/ATM card
  5. Enter your 4-digit transfer PIN. The GTBank USSD banking code will be activated on your mobile phone

How to Use the GTBank Transfer Code

GTBank Transfer Code is a simple and secure way to transfer funds from your GTBank account to any bank account in Nigeria. With the GTBank Transfer Code, you can easily transfer funds with just a few simple steps. To use the GTBank Transfer Code, you will need to register your mobile phone number with your GTBank account. Once you have registered your mobile number, dial the USSD code *737#, and then follow the on-screen instructions. You will then be required to enter the recipient’s bank account details and the amount you wish to transfer. Once the details have been filled out, the transfer will be completed instantly. With the GTBank Transfer Code, you can rest assured that your funds are secure and that you can transfer money quickly and conveniently.

Here are some use scenarios for the GTBank transfer code:

  • Create Your *737# Pin Without ATM Card

The *737# PIN is what unlocks all the features of the service. To create your *737# pin without an ATM card, follow the procedures below:

  1. Launch the caller app on your mobile phone and dial in *737# via the number linked to your bank account
    Create Your *737# Pin Without ATM Card
  2. Select Option 9 – Next
  3. Select Option 2 – PIN
  4. Select Option 2 – Create/ Reset PIN, No debit card
  5. Enter your account number
  6. Input your date of birth
  7. Type 1 t0 proceed
  8. Enter your preferred PIN combination
  9. Confirm your transaction and you’ll have a new PIN


Note: You can change or reset your PIN with your ATM card. In order to do this, follow the steps listed above till you get to number four. Instead of selecting Option 2, select an option that allows you to change your PIN with your debit card. From then on, simply follow the promptings and you’ll get a new PIN of your choosing.

  • Make Transfers

If you were wondering how to move money from GTB, you should know that it’s one of the simplest things to do, whether it’s to an account at another bank or a GT Bank account. For the most part, the *737 code can be used for most transactions you want to make on your GT Bank account, but special variations of it can be used to transfer money to GT Bank or to other banks.

Transfers to a GTBank Account
Transfers to a GTBank Account

Here’s how it works:

  1. Launch the caller app on your mobile phone and dial *737*1#. Be sure to use the number that is linked to your bank account
  2. Enter the amount you wish to send
  3. Enter the recipient’s account number
  4. Enter your mobile banking PIN to confirm  the transaction


Transfers to a Non-GTBank Account

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch your phone caller app and dial *737*2# using the number that is linked to your bank account
  2. Enter the amount you wish to send
  3. Enter the recipient’s  account number
  4. Select the recipient’s bank
  5. Verify the recipient’s details
  6. Enter your mobile banking transaction pin to authorise the transfer
  • Check Your Account Balance

You can check your GTBank account balance by dialling *737*6*1# on your mobile phone , then entering your PIN.  Following, your balance will be displayed on the screen or sent to you via SMS. What’s more you will be shown the details of your BVN alongside your account balance. So, consider this code a two-in-one package.

  • Buy Data and Airtime

As a matter of fact, everybody that has a registered phone number needs airtime to make calls, send texts and surf the internet with their Subscriber Identity/Identification Module (SIM) card. Most people tend to go haywire searching for a vendor that has the specific amount and network credit that they need. But this can be very stressful, especially under the hot Nigerian sun. Amazingly, you don’t need to sweat it because you can purchase airtime and data conveniently as a GTBank customer.

  • When you want to buy airtime, simply dial *737*Amount# to buy airtime for yourself. Furthermore, you can use *737*Amount*PhoneNo# to get airtime for your loved one. Similarly, you can subscribe to data plans for yourself and your loved ones by dialling the *737*4#. Follow the promptings on your screen to confirm the transaction.
  • Deactivate Your GTBank USSD Profile

In case you want to take a break from the GTBank’s USSD code, there is also a code for that. Just dial *737*51*74# via the caller app on your mobile phone, making sure to use the phone number that is linked to your account number. Next, enter this same phone number to blacklist it. Finally enter your *737# PIN and your GTBank profile will automatically be deactivated.

In the event that your phone has been stolen, you can still deactivate your profile to avoid being defrauded by unscrupulous individuals. Do this via the online platform. Here’s how:

  1. Log into GTBank internet banking using your user ID and password
  2. Go to “Self Service”
  3. Tap on “Deactivate USSD”
  4. Select “New Request” and choose the account you want deactivated
  5. Input the answer to your secret question and
  6. Tap on “Send Deactivation Code” to have the deactivation code sent to your registered email address and phone number
  7. Get the deactivation code and type it into the correct box to complete the deactivation process


Alternatively, you could contact the GTB Customer Care following the instructions below:

  1. Launch the caller app on your mobile phone and dial +2348039003900 or +2348029002900.
  2. Select the right number to be attended to in your preferred language
  3. Enter 0 and hold on to speak to a Customer Care representative
  4. Communicate your desire to deactivate your USSD code profile
  5. After some authentication, the Customer Care representative will deactivate the USSD feature for you

List of GTBank’s USSD Codes

  • Account Balance/ BVN  *737*6*1#
  • Account Blacklist *737*51*74#
  • Account Opening *737*0#
  • Airtime Advance *737*8*1
  • Airtime – 3rd Party *737*Amount*PhoneNo#
  • Airtime – Self *737*Amount#
  • Bills Payment Menu *737*50#
  • Cable TV *737*SmartCardNo#
  • Card Hotlist *737*51*10#
  • Cardless Withdrawal *737*3*Amount#
  • Card Status *737*6*3#
  • Checkout *737*35*Amount*Merchant Code#
  • Cheque Book Status *737*6*4#
  • Data Purchase *737*4#
  • Education *737*31*Amount*School Code#
  • Enable/Disable Account Balance on GeNS *737*51*1#
  • Fast Track Deposit *737*48*Amount*Account Number#
  • Generate OTP *737*7#
  • Give *737*32*Amount*Church Code#
  • Loan Balance *737*6*2#
  • Mini Statement *737*51*30#
  • 3rd Party Statement *737*51*33#
  • Reference Confirmation *737*51*54#
  • Salary Advance *737*8*2#
  • Spend To Save *737*51*24#
  • StarTimes Subscription *737*37*Amount*SmartcardNo#
  • Swift Network Subscription *737*50*Amount*4#
  • Total Cashout *737*50*Amount*50#
  • Transfers – GTBank *737*1*Amount*Account Number#
  • Transfers – Other Banks *737*2*Amount*Account Number#
  • QuickCredit Liquidation *737*51*55#
  • QuickCredit Request *737*51*51#

Common Issues with the GTBank Transfer Code

GTBank’s USSD code is reliable and quick, however, it is not uncommon to encounter issues while using it. Common issues include slow transaction speeds, difficulties when filling out necessary information, incorrect transaction details, and invalid beneficiary accounts. In order to ensure a smooth and successful transaction, it is important to ensure that all transaction details are correctly filled. Additionally, customers should double-check all beneficiary information before submitting the transfer request. If any problems arise, then try again. But if the issues persist, please reach out to GTBank’s Help Centre for more tailored assistance.

Advantages of the GTBank Transfer Code for Transferring Funds

Some of the many advantages of the GTBank mobile code are:

  1. It eliminates the need to memorise numbers or go to the bank
  2. You get immediate value
  3. It is convenient and can be used at any time, everyday
  4. It is easy to understand and operate
  5. It provides better cash management
  6. Timely service that leads to reduction in turnaround time
  7. It is simple, easy and cheap
  8. The code can be run on any type of mobile phone
  9. No data or internet connection is required for transactions

Commonly Asked Questions and Their Answers

  • Who Can Use The 737 USSD Service?

All account holders and sole signatories with a mobile network and bank account registered phone number can use the GTBank *737# USSD service.

  • Is *737# Allowed On All Networks?

Yes. The service is available on MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9mobile.

  • What Is The Maximum Transfer Limit On GTB’s 737?

The maximum transfer on GTBank’s *737# service is 200,000 Naira daily to both GTBank and other bank accounts.

  • How Do I Transfer Money From GTB To An Opay Account Using The USSD Code?

To transfer money from GTB to Opay account using the USSD code, dial *737*22# and select mobile money. Next, enter the amount you want to send then type in the Opay number which is the recipient’s phone number. Finally, select Opay and enter your *737# PIN to complete the transaction.

  • I Forgot My GTB Transfer PIN. What Should I Do?

If you forgot your GTB transfer PIN, you can reset it by following the steps already listed above.

  • Are 737 Transfers Allowed On All GTBank Accounts?

No, it is exempted on corporate accounts, Joint accounts, Target accounts, SKS accounts, Max advance and Domiciliary accounts.

Is It Possible To Transfer Money From My GTBank To another Bank Without My ATM?

Yes, with *737# transfer code, you can transfer money from your GTBank account to any other bank.

Has GTB Changed Its Tranfer Code?

No, the transfer code for GTB remains *737#.


In recap, the GTBank transfer code is an important tool for those who need to transfer funds quickly and securely. It is easy to use and provides a number of benefits, including the ability to transact safely and quickly no matter where you are. There may be some common issues with using the GTBank quick code, but these can be easily addressed with the right support. Finally, the advantages of the USSD code make it an invaluable tool for efficient and secure fund transactions.

Consequently, incorporating this code into your lifestyle can help free you from stressful situations, afford you more time to take care of other important matters and save you some sweet coins!


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