How to Load MTN Card

Do you want to know how to load MTN cards into your phone? This Article takes an insightful look at the various methods of how to load an MTN card in the chronological order of technological advancement. By this, I mean there has been progressive changes in the method used in recharging MTN airtime from the traditional scratch card method to the more convenient method of purchasing MTN airtime from the comfort of your home.

New Recharge Code For MTN

I know so many persons are already used to using *555* while recharging their MTN line, but recently, the recharge code for MTN has been changed to a new one. In this article, you will get to know the new recharge code for MTN and how to use it.

The new code to recharge your MTN airtime is *311*, so when next you buy the MTN 17 digits recharge card, be sure to use this new code to recharge it.

How to load MTN recharge card

A lot of people still prefer using this method to recharge their MTN airtime for reasons ranging from being the conservationist who doesn’t like adaptation to change to those who feel its more reliable having experienced network failures from purchasing through their Bank.

If you fall  within the category above, then all you need is to purchase an MTN recharge card. Previously, this card comes in form of a scratch card which requires you to gently scratch the card to reveal the Personal Identification Number (PIN) usually a 17 digit number; although these form of recharge cards are still produced, they have now been replaced mostly with normal paper cards which do not require scratching to reveal the PIN.

How To Load MTN 17 Digit Recharge Card
Once purchased, the next step is to identify the 17 digit PIN on the card, then proceed to the call button on your mobile device and type the new recharge code *311* the 17 digit PIN on the card#. For example, if the PIN is “12345678910000000”, all you need to dial on your phone is *311*12345678910000000# and you will receive a message confirming that your recharge is successful. Please note that for any recharge made, you will get airtime equivalent to the amount on the recharge card.

How To Load MTN 10 Digit Recharge Card
MTN recently introduced the 10 digit PIN recharge card, probably to reduce the stress of typing 17 digits on your phone. For this new 10 digit PIN, MTN has also changed the code to recharge the card which is *311*the 10 digit PIN#. Example, if the PIN is “1234567890”, to recharge it, you will dial *311*1234567890# and you will also get a confirmation that your recharge is successful. Again, you only get the airtime equivalent to the amount on the recharge card.

How to Load MTN Card from Bank

Juxtaposed with the above method, there are a plethora of reasons why many subscribers will prefer this method. First, it is much more convenient than the first method; Also, it is very useful in this era where the world is trending towards a cashless society where you longer carry physical cash and it could come in handy when you find yourself in a remote place or in the middle of a conference and you run out of airtime; Etc.

If you need to purchase airtime from your Bank for whatever reason, you will need to have a Bank account linked to your MTN line and also have the account funded for the purpose of the transaction.

Different banks have their respective Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes and you will need to register a PIN to enable you successfully complete the transaction. Let’s take a look at the Banks with their respective USSD codes.

1. Guaranty Trust Bank – *737#

2. Fidelity Bank – *770#

3. Stanbic IBTC – *909#

4. First Bank – *894#

5. Zenith Bank – *966#

6. Access Bank – *901#

7. Keystone Bank – *7111#

8. Heritage Bank – *745#

9. Unity Bank – *7799#

10. – Diamond Bank – *302#

11. Wema Bank – *945#

12. Union Bank – *826#

13. EcoBank – *326#

14. Sterling Bank – *822#

15. Polaris Bank – *833#

16. United Bank of Africa – *919#

17. First City Monument Bank – *329#

To buy MTN airtime from the above listed Banks, all you need to do is dial their respective codes and follow the directive by usually selecting “Buy Airtime” on the menu and entering the amount of airtime you want to purchase. Alternatively, you can simply dial “the respective code” followed by “the amount you wish to purchase” followed by “#”. For example, if I am banking with Guaranty Trust Bank which is number (1) above and I want to purchase N500 MTN recharge card, all I need to do is dial *737*500# and the Bank credits me with the equivalent of the airtime purchased which is 500 airtime while debiting N500 from my Bank account.

How to Load MTN Card using MTN Share 

As an improvement on its services, MTN offers the option of sharing your airtime with anyone of your choice. This was previously known as “Share “N” Sell and is now very useful especially when you want to send someone airtime urgently and you don’t have cash, you can easily send the airtime by sharing from your own airtime.

To use this method, first, you must change the PIN on your phone which is usually 0000 to another PIN of your choice. This is done by typing “the already existing PIN:0000” leave a space, followed by the “new PIN” twice as a text message and send to 777. For example, type “0000 2468 2468 and send to 777, you will receive an SMS confirming that your PIN has successfully been changed.

How to Load MTN Card using MTN ShareHaving changed your PIN, you can go ahead and share your airtime by either dialing this code *777*the recipient’s number*the amount to share*new PIN# on your mobile device and you will receive a message confirming that your transfer was successful or alternatively, you can type “Transfer” followed by “The Recipient’s number” followed by “the amount” then “new PIN” in a text message and send to 777. For example, type “Transfer 08030000000 500 2468” and send to 777. After sending, you will be directed to send “YES” to 777 which you will do to complete the transaction.

How to Load MTN Card using Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

You can also load  MTN airtime using any ATM Machine by slotting in your card and follow these steps:

1. Enter your ATM PIN

2. Select “Airtime recharge”

3. Enter or Select the amount you want to recharge

4.  Enter the MTN number you want to recharge

5. Press “OK”

How to Load MTN Card using the App

For you to successfully use this method, you will need to have data on your mobile device. If you do not have the “MyMTNApp” installed on your device, then go to Google Play Store and download it on your device. Once you have it, go to the App, activate it, then open it and follow the directions which are:

1. Select “Purchase Airtime”

2. Enter the amount you wish to purchase

3. Select OK to confirm the transaction.


With a variety of ways to load or recharge your MTN card, it is now up to you to choose the option that suits your lifestyle or you can decide to be open to all of the options. The important thing is this Article has carefully highlighted and explained in detail how to load your MTN recharge card to ensure you are always with airtime to stay connected with your loved ones, whether by calls, SMS, or through the internet.

Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comment section as we will be looking forward to answering them for you.

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