How to Share Data on Airtel

How To Share Data On Airtel

How to Share Data on Airtel 

To the digital citizen or netizens, nothing beats free data. Most people find that these days, having a good data bundle is nearly never enough. The data just doesn’t seem to last as long and is often not sufficient to meet your digital needs. As a techie, social media influencer, or someone who works at a job that is mostly online, this situation can feel like. For this reason you need to know how to share data on Airtel, especially as an active user on the network.

It can be tricky being in a situation where your boss has scheduled an impromptu meeting but your network service provider alerts you of your low data balance at that moment. There will definitely be a million things running through your mind as to how to proffer a solution. Then there’s the new banking regulation in Nigeria which makes it even harder to make withdrawals on the go. You would probably think to ask your buddy for some data. At this point your hopes are that this friend even knows how to share data with you and that they have the means to do so in the first place. 

Basically, all you need is a smart device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Internet connection may be required, based on which methods you choose to follow. I have discovered the simplest ways for you to share data with your loved ones and will be sharing them with you in this article.

Latest Ways to Share Data on the Airtel Network 

There are two new options available for you to pick from when you decide to transfer data to a friend on the Airtel network. These methods work fine and are an upgrade to the previous one allowed on the network service provider. 

Airtel refers to all things that pertain to data gifting as Airtel SmartSHARE. Airtel SmartSHARE offers you two data gifting options. You can typically use either of these services when the size of data you want to gift to your family or friend is quite large. Let’s take a look at these SmartSHARE  options and learn more about how they work.

The first SmartSHARE  option is known as the Airtel Data Gifting while the second option is called Airtel Data Me2U. I’ll list the steps on how to use these services below and reveal all you need to know about the data sharing services on the Airtel network.

  1. Airtel Data Gifting
    Airtel SmartShare

A lot of Airtel users come across the term, Data Gifting but do not necessarily know what it means. So, let me break it down to you. Data gifting simply means buying a data bundle for your family or friends right from your own network account. This option is ideal in cases where you have sufficient airtime that you want to convert to buy your loved one some data. Think of it like subscribing for an Airtel data plan. The difference is that the data will be accrued to your loved one’s registered Airtel number instead of to yours. This is an excellent way to share data love with your family and friends even when your own data balance is low. As long as you have sufficient airtime on your Airtel line, you’re good to go. 

Here’s how Data Gifting works:
phone with numbers

  • Dial *141# via the caller app on your phone 
  • Enter * to see the next options available
    Share Data on Airtel SmartShare
  • Select Option 12 – Data gifting and sharing
  • Select Option 2 – Data gifting
  • Choose the data plan you wish to purchase from the options provided
    Share Data on Airtel SmartShare Phone with stpes to follow
  • Enter the recipient’s active Airtel phone number
  • Enter your data transfer pin
  • Tap on “Send” to complete the transaction
  1. Airtel Data Me2U

Here is where the literal data sharing happens. The Data Me2U service is great because it allows you to share your data bundle with that special someone. The amazing part is you don’t have to be in a close physical range to the person you want to share your data bundle with, unlike it is with the wifi technology. All you need to do is to give your loved one access to your data plan through the steps I will be sharing and they will be able to use your data from wherever they are. This service takes the stress off of you when you don’t have sufficient airtime to subscribe for a data plan on your loved one’s behalf. 

Here’s how Data Me2U works:

  • Dial *141# via the caller app on your phone 
  • Enter * to see the next options available
  • Select Option 12 – Data gifting and sharing
  • Select Option 4 – Data Me2U
  • Select Option 1 to change your pin if you have not done so already
  • Otherwise, select Option 2- Send Me2U from existing allowance
  • Enter the recipient’s active Airtel phone number 
  • Enter the amount of data you wish to share 
  • Enter “Send” to complete the transfer

Important Points to Note

  • To use Airtel SmartSHARE, reset your data transfer pin from the default which is 0000. Follow this procedure to change your pin: Dial *141# via the caller app on your phone. Enter * to see the next options available. Select Option 12 – Data gifting and sharing. Select Option 1 – Change default pin. Enter the old pin (the default pin) then send. Create your new pin then send. Finally, confirm the new pin and enter send. You will receive a congratulatory notification that your transfer pin has been changed. It’s really easy and you can repeat the process whenever you feel like changing your pin.  A pro tip for resetting your data transfer pin is to use a number combination that you will easily remember.
  • To update your Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) list, dial *311*2*Number# on your phone caller app. You can only have five numbers on this list per time. 
  • While initial registrations of your favourite contacts are free, subsequent registrations attract a flat rate of 50 NGN (Fifty Naira). 
  • To remove a number from your FAF list, simply send a text message to 121 using this format: “DEL Recipient’s  number”. For example, DEL 01234567890. Once you do this, that person’s access to your data will be revoked. 
  • When using the Airtel Data Gifting option you will be charged from your airtime balance while your loved one to whom you made the data transfer will receive it for free.
  • Data will be transferred from the pre-existing data bundle on your Airtel line when you use the Me2U service. After the transfer, the data deducted will remain in the wallet of the receiver. Note that you can only transfer to one person at a time.


I have shared all the information you need on how to share data on Airtel Nigeria, the most recent options available on the network and how they all work. I have also shared some really helpful tips and things to note as you share and receive data on the Airtel network. You can use these options at any time whether you are on the go or relaxed at home. 

Please leave a comment below to share your experience sharing or receiving data. If you have other concerns or questions on how to share data on Airtel Nigeria that have not already been answered in this article, please reach out in the comments. Or if you need some more clarity on something that was mentioned above, you can also state it in the comments. Thank you.

Till next time, keep spreading love!

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