How to Share Data on Glo

How to Share Data on Glo

In today’s article, we will consider one of the essential services rendered by Globacom Nigeria (popularly referred to as Glo) which is how to share Data on the Glo network.

Glo is known for its variety of Data, Airtime offers and is arguably one of the best and most affordable network packages you can think of in Nigeria and other countries where they operate such as  South Africa, Benin, Gambia, Niger Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana and so many other countries, in fact, over 180 counties worldwide as the list of countries where Glo operates is continually increasing.

Like other networks, Glo started telecommunication services for its customers with the singular option of making calls both locally and internationally before transcending into the realm of data usage for browsing the internet. Due to the affordability and additional feature of being able to see the person you are communicating with, data is now highly utilized in making both audio and video calls on different social media applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Etc and also for holding virtual meetings on Zoom, Skype, Slack, Etc.

To cater for the needs of its teeming customers or subscribers, Glo has since made it possible to share airtime or data between two or more subscribers. Good news for those who may not have the financial capacity to purchase airtime or data on Glo as your loved ones; family, friends or anyone can share airtime or data with you. Tag along as I will be showing you in details, a step-by-step analysis of how to share Data on the Glo network.

Eligibility for Sharing Data on Glo

For anyone to share Data or Airtime on Glo or any other network, first, you need to have registered your SIM with that network provider. Next, you need to have been using the SIM for a reasonable period of time; by doing that, you will be allowed to participate or enjoy in any of their Data or Airtime packages.

For Glo subscribers, it is important to note that you are only allowed to share your data with a maximum of five [5] persons and also to know that before you are able to share data with anyone, you must have enough data on your phone to enable sharing with others, and to do that, you need to subscribe to a Data Plan. It is therefore imperative to have knowledge of the different plans Glo offers.

Data Plans on Glo

As earlier stated, Glo has a very wide range of data offers which consist of daily plans, and weekly and monthly plans with some special plan offer such as the Splash Plan, Sunday Data Plan, Night Plans, Flexi Plans and Campus Booster Plan. I will briefly discuss the various plan as follows:

1. Mini Plans – This plan has a duration of 1 day and has a price of N50 for 50MB and N100 for 150MB. It also has a 2 days duration for the price of N200 for 350MB.

2. Weekly Plans – This plan lasts 14 days at the price of N500 for 1.8GB. The actual 7 days plan falls under the Special Plan which is the Weekly Data Splash Plan at the price of N1,500 for 7GB.

3. The Monthly Plans – With a duration of 30 days , it has N1,000 for 3.9GB, N1,500 for 7.5GB, N2,000 for 9.2GB, N2,500 for 10.8GB, N3,000 for 14GB, N4,000 for 18GB, N5,000 for 24GB, N8,000 for 29.5GB, N10,000 for 50GB, N15,000 for 93GB, N18,000 for 119GB and N20,000 for 138GB

4. The Mega Data Plan – Also with a duration of 30 days, it offers N30,000 for 225GB, N36,000 for 300GB and N50,000 for 425GB.

5. The super Mega plan – For a period of 60days, it offers N60,000 for 525GB and N75,000 for 675GB with N100,000 for 1TB for 1 year duration

6. The special Data offer – This plan offers N300 for 1GB for 1 day, N500 for 2GB for 2 days and N1,500 for 7GB for 7 days.

7. The Campus booster – This plan is designed for those in the higher institution; university or polytechnic campus and it offers 200% on recharge; i.e. 200MB for N100; the 25 MB added is for data sharing for duration of 2 days, 450MB for N200; the 50MB added is for data sharing for duration of 4 days, 1.12GB for N500; the 125 MB is for data sharing for duration of 7 days, 2.25GB forN1,000; the 250MB is for data sharing for duration of 15 days, 4.5GB for N2,000; the 500MB is for data sharing for duration of 30 days, 11.2GB for N5,000; the 125MB is for data sharing for a duration of 30 days.

8. Weekend and Night plans – This is the Sunday Data Plan of 1.25GB for N200 for Sunday alone and the Night Plans are 250MB for N25 from 12am to 5am at night only, 500MB for N50 from 12am to 5am at night only, 1GB for N100 from 12am to 5am night only.

To purchase or subscribe to any of the above-mentioned Data plans, dial  *777# on your registered Glo SIM, and you are good to go.

How to Share Data on Glo

Having subscribed to any of the plans highlighted above, you will have data on your phone and can share data using the Data Sharing method conveniently. You can also share data on Glo using the Data Gifting method, which usually requires buying a data bundle as a gift to whoever you wish to share data with.

The Data Sharing Method 

Using this method means you have sufficient data to part with to another person but first, if you want to share data with more than one person (maximum of five persons), you must add all the numbers of those with whom you want to share your Data with in the right sequence to enable you share Data with them respectively. To share data, follow the steps below:
The Data Sharing Method on Glo Via USSD Code

1.  Dial *127*01*recipients phone number#, alternatively, you can type “share” followed by “the recipients number” in a text message and send to 127. For example, dial *127*01*08050000000# and follow the next directive by entering the amount of data you want to share or send “Share 08050000000” and send to 127 then follow the next directive by entering the amount of data you want to share. In both cases, the recipient will receive the data shared through text message (SMS).

2.  You can also share data by Dialing  *777#

a). then enter 1 or 2 depending on your network coverage which is “Data”

b). enter 3 which is “Share Data plan”

c). then select 1 which is “Share”

d). then enter the recipient’s number and send.

The Data Gifting Method

Sharing Data by using the Gifting method simply means you are purchasing a data bundle fron Glo for another person. It is easy and also similar to the normal Data sharing method. just follow the simple steps below:
The Data Sharing Method on Glo

1. Dial *777#

2. then enter 2 which is “Data”

3. enter 2 again which is for Gift Data plan

4. Go ahead to select the amount of data bundle you want to share as a gift

5. Followed by entering the recipient’s number you want to share data as gift to

6. Enter “Send”

How to Share Data on Glo as Gift using SMS
The Data Sharing Method on Glo Via SMS

You can share data on Glo as a gift through SMS by simply typing the word “Gift” followed by “the  recipient’s number” then # and send to 127. For example, type “Gift08050000000#” and send to 127 then follow the next directive by entering the amount of data bundle you want to share as gift. The receiving party will receive his/her gift by text message (SMS).

How to Transfer Data on the Glo website

You can also transfer Data directly from the Glo website, just visit with your registered Glo line and follow the directives by entering the recipient’s number and amount to share, and the receiving party will get the data by SMS.

View list of People Sharing your Data plan with You

By way of addition, you may want to confirm the list of people sharing data with you as you may have made some errors and wish to verify. This can be done either by dialling *127*00# or sending the word [List] to 127.

How to stop sharing your plan

After checking the above, you wish to un-share your data with a number from the list of people you share data with. follow the steps below:

1. On your phone just dial *777#

2. then enter 2 for “Data”

3. enter 3, which is “Share Data plan.”

4. enter 2 for “Un-share.”

5. Then, enter the number that you want to un-share. You will receive a prompt message telling you that your request to un-share a number has been sent, followed by another message confirming that the number has been successfully removed from your Data sharing list.


Connecting with family and friends at home and abroad and holding meetings with people from different parts of the globe is possible, convenient, and affordable through an internet connection. This is made possible with data. Sharing and receiving data as a gift is one of the mind-blowing services rendered by Glo and other network providers.  With the information provided in this Article on how to Share Glo Data, it is believed that you now know how to share and un-share Glo data whenever the need arises.

Looking forward to questions in the Comments section as you enjoy sharing data to stay connected with family, friends, and associates.

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