How to Stop Auto-Renewal on MTN

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If you’re an MTN customer and you want to stop auto-renewal on your MTN data subscriptions, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll provide all the information on how to do just that.

Welcome to our guide on how to stop auto-renewal on MTN. 

As an MTN subscriber, you may have noticed that some of your MTN services are set to renew automatically every month. While this can be convenient for some people, it may not always be what you want. 

Maybe you no longer need that MTN data subscription or you’d prefer to manually renew it each month. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know how to opt out of MTN so you can take control of your subscription services.

We’ll cover how to do this both offline and online. By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly how to cancel auto-renewal on MTN subscriptions and avoid any unwanted renewals. 

Methods to Stop Auto-Renewal on MTN data subscription

Stopping auto-renewal on MTN can be done through several different methods. We’ll be showing five of these methods with all the steps you need. We’ll first show you how you can do it offline without any internet connection and then show you the online methods afterward.

Offline Methods to Stop Auto-renewal on MTN

1. Using  USSD Codes to stop auto-renewal
Stop Auto Renew Using USSD Code

To stop auto-renewal on MTN via USSD codes, follow these steps:

  • Dial *131# on your MTN line. This will bring up a menu of options.
  • Select the “Data Plans” option. If you want a social bundle, select the “Social Bundles” option.
  • Select any of the data subscription options you’d want to subscribe to.
  • You will see another list of options showing Auto-renewal, One-off, Buy for a friend, and so others.
  • Select option 2 which is the  “One-off” Option  

If you prefer, you can also stop the auto-renewal of your data plan by contacting MTN customer care. You can reach MTN customer care by dialing 180 from your MTN line. Take a look at how to do that below in the next method.

2. Through Customer Assistant Care Center(180)
Stop Auto Renew by Calling 180

To stop the auto-renewal of your MTN data plan through customer care, you can follow these steps:

  • Call MTN customer care at 180 from your MTN line. You will get connected to an automated Customer Assistant.
  • When prompted, select option 1 for “MTN Customer service”
  • Select your preferred language
  • Press 1 for ‘Data bundles Activation, data auto-renewal services, and internet settings
  • Press 1 for ‘Data bundle activation”
  • To Activate or cancel data auto-renewal service, press 3
  • You will be given information if the data auto-renewal option is active on your MTN phone number
  • Follow the prompts to stop the auto-renewal on your MTN data plan.

3. Using Stop Codes to stop auto-renewal on MTN

A stop code is a specific set of numbers or letters that you can use to cancel auto-renewal for a service. Each service will have its own unique stop code, and you’ll need to enter this code in the correct way to successfully cancel auto-renewal.

We’ll be showing you how to use stop codes to stop autorenewal on MTN’s various data subscription plans and also on social bundles.

StopCodes to Stop Auto-renewal on MTN Plans

We’ll walk you through the MTN daily plans and the stop codes to stop each of them. You have to send each of these stop codes to 131.

Daily Plan to Stop Auto-renewal on MTN
Daily Plan to Stop Auto-Renew

  • 25MB daily–Send  NO114 to131
  • 75MB daily–Send NO114  to 131
  • 1GB daily—send NO155 to 131

2-Day MTN Plan

  • 200MB 2-days–Send NO113 to 131
  • 2GB 2-days–Send NO154 to 131

Weekly Data Plan
Welcome Plan to Stop Auto-Renew

  • 350MB 7-days–Send NO102 to 131
  • 750MB 14 days(2 week–Send  NO103  to 131

Monthly Plan

  • 1.5GB for 30-days–Send NO106  to 131 
  • 2GB 30-days–Send NO130 to 131
  • 3GB 30-days–Send NO109  to 131
  • 3.5GB 30-days–Send NO110 to 131
  • 6.5GB 30-days–Send NO107 to 131

StopCodes for MTN Social Bundles


  • WhatsApp daily–Send STOPWAD  to 131 
  • Facebook daily–Send STOPFBD  to 131 
  • Instagram daily–Send STOPINSD  to 131 
  • WeChat Daily–Send STOPWCD  to 131 
  • Eskimi Daily–Send STOPESKDG  to 131


  • WhatsApp weekly–Send STOPWAW  to 131 
  • Facebook weekly–Send STOPFBW   to 131 
  • Instagram weekly–Send STOPINSW  to 131 
  • 2Go weekly–Send STOP2GOW  to 131 
  • WeChat weekly–Send STOPWCW  to 131 
  • Eskimi weekly–Send STOPESKW  to 131


  • WhatsApp monthly–Send STOPWAM   to 131 
  • Facebook monthly–Send STOPFBM  to 131 
  • Instagram monthly–Send STOPINSM  to 131
  •  2Go monthly–Send STOP2GOM  to 131 
  • WeChat monthly–Send STOPWCM  to 131 
  • Eskimi Monthly–Send STOPESKM  to 131 

Online Methods to stop auto-renewal on MTN

4. Through myMTN Website

To stop the auto-renewal of your MTN data plan through the myMTN webpage, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the myMTN webpage, Click here
  2. Sign in to your account using your MTN phone number and click on the “Proceed” button.
  3. Enter the OTP password sent as a message by myMTN.
  4. When you login into your account, you’ll be taken to your personal dashboard
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will get to see a section of your present data plan(if you have any)
  6. You will see an Auto-renewal toggle button beside the data plan. Tap on the toggle button to Turn off auto-renewal on the data plan

And there you go, this is how to successfully stop auto-renewal via the myMTN website. 

Did you know you can do something similar with the myMTN app?

Yes, of course. For all those who have the myMTN app or newbies who want to install the myMTN app so as to stop auto-renewal on MTN subscriptions, here’s how to go about it in the next method.

5. Through myMTN Mobile App

To stop the auto-renewal of your MTN data plan through the myMTN app, follow these steps:

  • Download and install the myMTN app from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can simply do that by  Clicking here
  • Open the app and log in to your account(Sign in and create an account for first-time users)
  • Scroll down to  “My Subscriptions”
  • Toggle the switch to “Off” to stop the auto-renewal of your data plan.

Keep in mind that stopping the auto-renewal of your data plan will not cancel your current data plan, but it will prevent the plan from automatically renewing when it expires. 


In conclusion, there are several ways to stop auto-renewal on MTN. Whether you prefer to use USSD codes, the MTN app, the website, SMS, or stop codes, you can find a method that works for you. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact MTN customer care for more information.

We hope this blog post has been helpful in showing you how to stop auto-renewal on MTN. If you’re ready to take control of your subscriptions and avoid unnecessary charges, we encourage you to follow the steps outlined in this post to deactivate auto-renewal on your account. Feel free to drop your comments and reach out if you have any questions.

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