What is the Default PIN for MTN transfer?

MTN Default Transfer Pin

Have you been wondering what the default pin for an MTN transfer is? Or have you ever tried to transfer MTN airtime from one MTN account to another MTN account and been asked for a pin? If so, you’re not alone.

This can be annoying, especially if it’s your first time trying to do an MTN transfer. You shouldn’t worry; once you know what to do, it’s really a straightforward process.

If you’re an MTN user, you’ve likely encountered this frustrating hurdle. But have no fear, for in this blog post we will explore how to know the default PIN. Also how you can change it to a PIN of your choice for added security and convenience.

So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of MTN transfer and the mysterious default PIN for MTN transfer. We’ll also show you how to change it and the ways to transfer airtime using the MTN Share service.

What is MTN Share?

Previously known as MTN Share n Sell, MTN Share is a self-service offered by MTN. MTN being one of the popular mobile network operators in Africa allows its customers (both prepaid and postpaid) to easily transfer airtime (credit) to other MTN users. Here is the fun part. As an MTN user, you can transfer airtime on the MTN network from your account free of charge.

What is the default pin for MTN transfer?
MTN Default Transfer Pin

The default pin for MTN transfer is 0000. It is a four-digit pin you use to transfer and share airtime with your friends or loved ones on the MTN network. MTN Share may have been a frustrating experience for many MTN users because they didn’t know about the default pin for MTN transfer.

Before you can share airtime to another MTN user, you must change the default PIN, which is 0000. Kindly note the highlighted word “must,” as you can’t transfer airtime via MTN Share if you don’t change the default pin and create a new pin.

So the next time you’re asked for a PIN, don’t get frustrated. Simply change the default PIN of 0000 and create a new PIN of your choice. We’ll be showing you how to create your new pin below, so keep on reading. Also, remember that it’s there to protect your personal information, secure your account, and protect it from unauthorized access. 

How to Change the Default PIN(MTN Share PIN)

You must change the default MTN PIN before you will be able to share airtime with other MTN users.

MTN’s website and other blog sites provided two methods (USSD method and SMS method) for changing the default MTN PIN. But from our research, we found that when you use the SMS method, which is sending a text: Default PIN (space) New PIN (space) New PIN to 777. For instance, with the text to 777  like this: 0000 1234 1234 

A similar thing happens when using the USSD method provided by dialing *777*DefaultPIn*NewPin*NewPIN#. You get a pop-up message showing “Oops!” Your request couldn’t be processed. Please try again.”

 From our research, you can’t change the MTN default PIN using these methods above as you will keep getting error messages. So we found that you can only change the default MTN PIN when you have successfully created a new pin. This new pin will automatically replace the MTN default pin of 0000.

You don’t want to miss this reliable information for anything. So we encourage you to keep reading as we show you detailed steps to take and create a new pin.

Note: You are to create a 4-digit new pin to replace the default MTN PIN of 0000.

Steps to Creating a New MTN transfer PIN
Creating a New MTN transfer PIN

You can create your new MTN transfer PIN by following these steps:

1. Dial *123# from your MTN line and select the “More” option(option 9)

2. Select the “MTN Share” option(Option 1). This takes you to the MTN Share N Sell menu

3. Select the ‘Create PIN’ option which is option 4

4. You will be prompted to input your email address; simply do that.

5. You will be taken to a menu of security questions, and you can select any of the security questions that you can easily remember.

6. You will be asked to provide an answer to the security question you selected. Input the answer.

7. You will be prompted to input your 4-digit pin. Put in your 4-digit pin and send

8. You will be asked to confirm the pin you inputted in step 7

9. After you do this, you will get a pop-up message saying you have successfully created your pin and how you can change it anytime. You will also be sent a confirmatory SMS from 321  immediately after this.

10. You can simplify the process above by dialing *777#. This takes you directly to the MTN Share N Sell menu. Then you can follow the other steps mentioned above. 

That’s how easy it is to create your MTN Transfer pin. This automatically replaces the MTN default pin of 0000, with the new pin you just created.

Note: If you have already created a PIN, you will receive a text message from 321. This message shows that you have already created a PIN.

Updating MTN Share PIN

After creating your new MTN transfer PIN, wait for a text message. You will be sent a text message with details on how to change your PIN anytime via USSD. We will guide you through this process. We’ll also show you an alternative USSD method of changing (or resetting) your pin to another new pin.
change your MTN transfer PIN via the USSD

Below is how you can change your MTN transfer PIN via the USSD mentioned in the text message sent to you:

1. Dial *777*OldPIN*NewPIN*NewPIN# and press the call button. For instance, if your old PIN is 0000 and you want to change it to a new one, simply dial *777*0000*1234*1234# and press the button.

2. You will immediately receive a pop-up message and then a text message from 321 showing that you have successfully changed your PIN

Alternative USSD method

Follow this alternative method to change and set your MTN transfer PIN

1. Simply dial *777#. 

2. This brings out the Share N Share menu. Select option 2 which is Change PIN

3. You will be prompted to put in your old PIN

4. After inputting your old pin, you will be prompted to put in your new PIN

5. Put in your new PIN and send

6. You will be asked to confirm the new pin by inputting the same pin you inputted.

7. After you have inputted the confirmed PIN, you will receive a text message from 321, showing that you have successfully changed your PIN.

You will receive an SMS confirming your PIN change as soon as you use one of the aforementioned methods to update it.

So that’s how to change your PIN to another pin for your MTN transfer. We know these methods are reliable because we have done our research properly to ensure you don’t have to go through any stress when it comes to changing your MTN transfer pin to a new one.

How to Reset Forgotten MTN transfer PIN

It’s possible to forget or misplace your MTN Share pin. You can dial *777# and select the “Forgot my PIN” option, following the prompts accordingly. You can also contact MTN customer care by dialing 180 if the first option doesn’t work.

Easy ways to Transfer Airtime with MTN transfer(MTN Share)

After showing how to modify your MTN default pin for MTN transfer, we’ll now demonstrate how to share airtime with MTN in case you desire to do so with family and friends. We’ll be showing you the two easy ways to transfer airtime from your MTN account.

Using USSD

You can easily transfer airtime using USSD. Follow this simple guideline below:

1. Open your mobile device dialer app

2. Just enter *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# and press the call button.

For instance, dial *777*08031234567*1500*1234#. You’ll get a notification letting you know the transfer was successful after it’s finished.

Using SMS

1. Open your phone messaging app

2. Send an SMS to 777 with the following information: Transfer(space)  Recipient’s number(space) Amount(space)PIN. For instance—Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234.

3. After sending this message, you will receive an SMS requesting you to reply with the word “YES” to the number 777 in order to confirm that you want to make the transfer.

4. Reply with the word ‘YES’. and that’s all

You will receive a notification message showing that the transfer was successful.


So when it comes to showing love to your family and friends, MTN Share Service has got you covered. You can now transfer airtime free of charge to people you love. As we come to the end of our blog post, we discussed the default MTN PIN for MTN transfer. We also showed you how to replace the default MTN PIN with a PIN of your choice. It’s crucial to protect your PIN at all times. If you suspect that your PIN has been compromised, it is important to change it immediately to prevent any potential unauthorized transfers or contact the MTN Customer Care Service.

So that’s it for this blog post. Feel free to make your comments and ask questions in the comment section.

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