How To Block UBA ATM Card

How To Block UBA ATM Card

Transactions have become simpler thanks to the usage of ATM cards, which allow bank customers to conduct business without having to physically visit the institution. Customers can use a variety of cards from the United Bank for Africa (UBA) for these purposes. However, a lost or stolen bank card exposes your bank account balance to thieves. Hence, the need to know; “how to block UBA ATM card”

An ATM card, also known as a debit card is a plastic payment card that can be used to make purchases instead of cash or to withdraw money from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). It is comparable to a credit card, however unlike a credit card, once a transaction is made; money is promptly transferred from the card holder’s bank account.

Knowing how to block a UBA ATM card will be helpful so that you can block such an ATM card before suffering significant damages. Holders of ATM cards should keep their card information secure and private. Scammers can easily seize your funds and immediately flee with them if they have such details. Therefore, it is best to get the card disabled as soon as any suspicious activity is noticed.

Once, an ATM card is blocked, the holder will not be able to carry out transactions using that ATM card again; the ATM card becomes inactive. Now, I know you may be wondering why a person will want to render his debit card useless, well, there are several reasons one may want to block/deactivate his ATM card.

Why should I Block My ATM Card?

As earlier stated, there are several reasons one may consider blocking his ATM card, some of which are:

  1. If the Debit or ATM Card is stolen or missing: it is very important to block a lost ATM card, either it was stolen or just merely missing. This is because a lost ATM card can easily fall into the wrong hands and if that happens, there is the danger of your money being stolen from your bank account.


  1. If the Debit or ATM card is been used by another for a transaction not originating from you. The moment you suspect a transaction alert from your bank that is not authorized by you, and you suspect that the transaction may have been carried out using your ATM card details; your next line of action should be to block that ATM card.


How To Block My ATM Card

You can block your ATM card using three (3) different methods:

  1. Via USSD code
  2. Via Facebook/ whatsapp
  3. Through the online platform
  4. Through the UBA mobile app
  5. Through the UBA customer care service

How To Block UBA ATM card with Phone

You can easily block your UBA ATM card using your phone. This is done via USSD code, to do this simply follow the steps below.
How To Block UBA ATM card with Phone

  1. Open the dialer on your mobile phone
  2. Dial, *919*10#
  3. Your card will automatically be blocked.

How To Block My UBA ATM On Mobile App

To block your UBA ATM Card on the UBA mobile banking app, follow these steps:

How To Block My UBA ATM On Mobile App

How To Block UBA ATM Card Online

An alternative method to block your ATM is through the UBA internet banking platform. Here’s how to block your UBA ATM using these steps:

  • Visit the UBA internet banking platform on
  • Then, you will need to log in using your UserID and password
  • Select the Self-Service Option
  • Then, Click on BLOCK CARD to disable your UBA ATM Card
  • Finally, you can confirm the Card disable request.

How To Block UBA ATM Card Via Facebook/Whatsapp

If using the USSD code to block your UBA card didn’t work, then you can use UBA Chat Banking (Leo) via Whatsapp.

To block your UBA ATM card using UBA Leo, send block card to Leo on Whatsapp or Facebook.

To get started with UBA Leo, visit


Customer Care Services

Even without going to the bank, you can quickly block/deactivate the ATM card by contacting the customer service department. You can reach them by phone or through the bank’s customer service email, live chat, and other social media platforms.

Phone line:

You can call the following helplines:

  • (+234) 01-2808822 (2808UBA)
  • (+234) 7002255-822 (0700-CALL-UBA)
  • (+234) 01-6319822


You can send an email requesting for ATM card to be blocked. Send the email to [email protected]

How To Block My UBA ATM Via Official Email

Live chat:

You can also chat with the help desk live via the live chat portal –


You can get hold of the customer support via


The importance of ATM cards cannot be downplayed, as they are quite helpful and continue to make it simpler for consumers to complete transactions outside of the banking facility. If the card is lost or stolen, and its information is compromised, it could be a serious problem. The card must be blocked in such cases.

To guarantee that you halt all fraudulent activity before they reach your bank funds, it is crucial to know how to disable your UBA ATM card. The information in this article is sufficient to guide you through the entire procedure.

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Written by Success Osagiede