How To Upload Result On JAMB Portal

How To Upload Result On JAMB Portal

If you are looking for how to upload your result on JAMB portal, then this article is for you.

Many students find it difficult to upload their O’level results on the JAMB portal. In this article; we will be showing you easy steps to upload your result to the JAMB CAPS.

As you most likely must know, it is a requirement that all candidates must upload their O’level results in order to be able to gain admission into a Nigerian university.  Many candidates have been disqualified from getting admitted into a Nigerian university because they failed to upload their result on their JAMB profile, if you don’t want to be one of them, and then follow through with this article.

When Do I Need To Upload My O’level Result?

The result you are expected to upload during your JAMB registration is your O’level result, which can either be your WAEC result, WAEC GCE result, NABTEB result, NECO result, or any other results acceptable by Nigerian tertiary institutions.  If you already have your O’level result at the time of registration, then, you should upload it during the registration. Students who do not have their results during registration (either because they still writing their O’level exams or their O’level result have not been released yet) can register for the exam using “Awaiting results” (AR).  But, they must upload their results as soon as they get it (most likely after the JAMB examination).

Steps To Upload Your Result On JAMB Portal

If you’re already registered for JAMB, and you are not sure if you’ve previously uploaded your result, here is four (4) easy steps you can follow to confirm if  your result has been uploaded or not.
Steps To Upload Your Result On JAMB Portal

  • Log in to your JAMB profile
  • Next, click on ‘Check Admission Status,
  • After that, you will have to click on ‘Access my CAPS’
  • Lastly, Click on ‘My O’level result to confirm if your O’level is uploaded.

If after verification, you find out that you are yet to upload your result, visit any nearby accredited JAMB CBT centre or JAMB office near you or to upload your O’level result. Admission cannot be processed for candidates whose O’level status in CAPS indicates the ‘Awaiting Result’ status.


There are two ways through which you can upload your result on the JAMB portal, they are;

  1. Using your smartphone
  2. At the JAMB accredited centre.

Now, let’s look closely at these two methods
Steps To Upload Your Result On The JAMB Portal

Uploading Your Result Using Your Smartphone

If you have an Internet enabled phone (Smartphone) and the scanned copy of your result, then follow the steps below to upload it using your phone:

  • Visit the WAEC result uploading portal by clicking on
  • Scan or Snap your WAEC result and click on the “Send” button
  • Next, you will be required to enter in your JAMB profile code, full name, and registration number
  • A payment of 1,000 Naira as a processing fee will be required of you.
  • Now wait for the WAEC result to be uploaded. It may take a few minutes.

Please Note: A watermark on the scanned document may prevent your results from being uploaded. It’s best to scan your documents at the JAMB Centre to avoid any issues. This is because, most phone scanning apps typically apply a watermark to the scanned documents.

Uploading Your Result At The JAMB Accredited Centre

Follow these steps to upload your result at the JAMB accredited centre

  1. Seek Out A JAMB-Approved Centre Or Café.

Search for the nearest JAMB-approved CBT Centre or Café; there are plenty of them. Keep in mind that you should never visit a CBT Centre that has not had JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) accreditation. Have you previously thought of a JAMB Centre that is accredited? Good. Now take a hard copy of your WAEC results to the JAMB Centre.

  1. Tell The Staff Member How You Came To Be There.

There are many concerns being dealt with at the JAMB CBT Centre, including changing one’s course or institution, correcting one’s data, uploading one’s results, etc. Therefore, when you get at the JAMB Centre, you must inform the attendant of your exact route. This will make it easier for the attendant to point you in the appropriate way so you can address your problem.

  1. Begin To Upload Your WAEC Results To The JAMB Portal

The JAMB office employee will point you in the direction of the space where the result uploading is taking place. You will be asked for your profile code or email address when you arrive. The hard copy of your WAEC result will then be scanned and submitted to your JAMB CAPS after you have given it to them.

  1. Before Departing, Make Sure That Your WAEC Results Have Been Correctly Uploaded.

Before leaving the office, make sure you verify that your WAEC result has been reflected after it has been uploaded by JAMB staff. We’ve heard of certain instances where the results would not appear on the JAMB system even after they had been uploaded. Therefore, make sure your WAEC result has been successfully posted before leaving the office. If it has been uploaded, you can leave the JAMB Centre; if not, stay put and let the JAMB staff know what happened. It can take some time, but reflection will come.

I hope you found this article helpful? Best if lucks…

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