Konga Customer Care

Konga Customer Care

One of the most well-known online retailers in Nigeria is Konga. Konga.com offers a wide variety of goods, including electronics, clothing, equipment for the house, and more. This article outlines the different ways you can contact the Konga customer care.

About Konga

Nigerian e-commerce startup Konga.com was established in July 2012, and it has its corporate headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos State. It provides a third-party online marketplace in addition to first-party direct retail in a number of different categories, such as consumer electronics, clothing, books, home appliances, computers & accessories, phones & tablets, health care, and personal care products. Additionally, the business offers a logistics service (KXPRESS) that enables prompt product shipping and delivery to customers.

Sim Shagaya launched Konga in July 2012 with 20 employees. At first, the website was a Lagos-only online shop that sold products in the Baby, Beauty, and Personal Care categories. However, in December 2012, it extended to include all of Nigeria, and through 2012 and 2013, it steadily added more product categories. This growth could have been a response to Rocket Internet-backed Jumia, Konga’s main rival, which debuted around the same time.

Early in 2013, Investment AB Kinnevik and Naspers invested $10 million in Konga as part of a Series A financing. The Konga platform was made available to third-party retailers during the second quarter of 2013, breaking away from the first-party online retail model.

Why Do I Need To Contact Konga Customer Care?

With the advent of technology, there has been an increase in online shopping. This is because; buying things online saves you the stress of going to the market or shopping mall. With online shopping you can easily buy things (ranging from clothes, electronics, food items, accessories and even phones) from the comfort of your bed. For several reasons, you may want to contact the customer care, some of which are:

1.     Delay in delivery: what happens when you don’t get your goods on time? What do you do when for unexplainable reasons, your goods don’t get to you as at when due? When this happens, you may want to contact the Konga customer care to find out the reason for the delay and when it will be resolved.

2.     Mix up in product: although not very common, but a few times there may be a mix up in the product delivered to you. This may be as a result of technical issues or issues during sorting g. nevertheless, it is quite advisable to report such mix up to the Konga customer care, so they can look into it and resolve the issues.

3.     Feedback: the konga customer care service is a very good medium of feedback report.

These are just a few reasons you may want to contact the Konga customer care. Whatever your reason may be, we have got you covered. Below are the different means through which you can reach the Konga customer care.

Konga Customer Care

There are different means through which you can reach the Konga customer care, they are mentioned below;

Konga contact address; Konga headquarters is located in Lagos, Nigeria. The contact address is;

40A, Town Planning Way,
Lagos, Nigeria.

So if you happen to live in Lagos and you have any issue you want sorted out, you can easily visit the address above, request to see their customer care representative.

Phone Support

0708 063 5700, 0809 460 5555, 01 888 3435, 01 460 5555
Contact Konga Customer Care Through Phone Call

Call Centre Operating hours:

8am – 7pm (Monday – Friday)

8am – 6pm Weekends

Or you can contact them on whatsapp through their whatsapp contact address below.

Click here to send us a message on Whatsapp

09070038400 and 08094605555


Konga contact email

You can aslo contact the Konga customer care via the Konga email address

The official email address of Konga is listed below.

Official Email for Konga: [email protected])
Contact Konga Via Official Email

Email for Press related messages/comments/enquiries: [email protected]

Konga Email for Partnerships related messages/comments/enquiries: [email protected]
Contact Konga Via Partnership Email

Email Operating Hours: 8am – 8pm (Monday-Sunday)

Lastly, you can visit the Konga website https://www.konga.com/help/contact-us



All you need to know about the Konga customer care is listed above. I hope it was helpful.


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