If you are a TV series lover like me, then the one thought on your mind would be how you can get lots of TV series to download for free. Your wish to have 24/7 access to a website where you may freely download a large number of English full TV series in formats including MP4, HD, and 3GP has been granted thanks to O2TVSeries. In this article, I will be showing you all you need to know about O2tvseries.com.


O2tvseries.com is one of the finest website for downloading whole TV Series season films in various formats. It offers a simple, quick, and cost-free option to stream and download as many movies and TV shows as you like.

The primary website for the newest English TV series and Hollywood movies online is O2TVSeries Movies Download Site. The service offers a simple, quick, and free option to stream and download as many movies and TV shows as you want. You can download high-definition films in the HD, 3GP, MP4, and AVI formats from the O2TVSeries website regardless of the platform you’re using because the movies are offered incompatible for mobile, tablet, and PC.

The o2tvseries website is easy to navigate even for a first timer, with movies and series arrange in an A-Z manner, making it easier to search out a movie. Another amazing feature of the site is that, when loaded, recently added movies are displayed at the top of the page. This leaves you with a catalog of the latest series to choose from, amazing right?

Features Of O2TVSeries website
Features Of the O2TVSeries website

O2tvseries.com has some amazing features that make it the most preferred site for TV series download. Some of these series are;

1.     Downloading from the site is 100% free

2.     Movies downloaded on the site are of high quality and protected by copyright

3.     The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, making downloads seamlessly easy.

How To Download From O2tvseries.com

  •  Visit the official website here. Recently added movies will be displayed on the second column of the page.
  • Scroll past that column to the list column to select your choice movie from the list. The list is arranged alphabetically as shown below.
  • A-B-C
  • D-E-F
  • G-H-I
  • J-K-L
  • M-N-O
  • P-Q-R
  • S-T-U
  • V-W-X
  • Y-Z-#
    How To Download From O2tvseries.com
  • Open the link containing the letter you are looking for (i.e. if you wish to download Squid Game, then click on S, if its Game of Thrones, click on G, just like that).
  • Search for the movie on the list and open. Open the seasons and episodes you wish to download.
  • You can select the format you wish to download; 3GP or MP4 file. MP4 files are clearer than 3GP but are larger in size than 3GP files.
  • Immediately you click the file, your download will begin. Wait for it to complete.

The site (o2tvseries.com) recommends that you use the UC browser (also called the mobile browser) as users claim the website works best in that browser and offers the fastest download capability.

Series Recommendations

Below is a list of series I have recommended just for you. They are all available on o2tvseries.com.


  1. Outer Banks
  2. Love Is Blind
  3. The Magicians
  4. Tiger King
  5. The Last Dance
  6. The Last Kingdom
  7. The Good Place
  8. Queen of the South
  9. Ozark
  10. Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron
  11. Hernandez
  12. Sex Education
  13. White Lines
  14. The Stranger
  15. The Pharmacist
  16. Money Heist (La Casa del Papel)
  17. The Circle
  18. The Eddy
  19. Love Is Blind
  20. Unbelievable
  21. Cheer
  22. Better Call Saul
  23. Party of Five
  24. Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet
  25. Westworld: Season 3



With over 200 series on the site, there is always something for everybody on o2tvseries.com.  

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Written by Success Osagiede