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Zenith bank is undoubtedly one of the biggest bank in Nigeria and with that comes many responsibilities. One of such responsibility is ensuring that her customers get maximum satisfaction from their banking experience, hence, the need for the Zenith bank customer care service.

The financial institution wants to grow internationally and to become Nigeria’s top financial institution. Its goal is to offer clients a range of financial services and keep them happy with the level of the service. It is the aim of the institution to be known for her exceptional performance, innovative technology, and high value to her stakeholders. To do all of these, the institution has to device ways to render impeccable services and to ensure that customer’s satisfaction is prioritized. That is the reason; Zenith bank came up with the customer care service.

With the Zenith bank customer service, Zenith bank customers can be rest assured that there is always someone willing to listen to whatever compliant they have concerning their account and within a short time, the issue they have will be resolved.

There are several reasons you might want to contact the Zenith bank customer care, some of which are:

  1. Undue charges and deductions
  2. Mobile app activation
  3. Issues with your card
  4. Inquiries

These are just a few of the reasons you might need the service of the Zenith bank customer care. Whatever the reason may be though, you do not have to worry about standing in long queues at the bank, because with the various methods I will be showing you in this article, reaching out to the Zenith bank customer care will be as easy as ABC. Read this article carefully for all the information you need.

How Do I Contact Zenith Bank Customer Care?

Here are a few methods you can use to contact the Zenith bank customer care:

  1. Through their customer care call line
  2. Through their social media handles
  3. Via the Zenith bank live chat portal
  4. Zenith Virtual Assistant (ZiVA).
  5. Visit any Zenith bank branch near you.


Through Their Customer Care Call line

Zenith bank has provided the option of reaching her customer care quickly and from the comfort of your home. This can be done by placing a call across to any of the Zenith bank customer care numbers. This is by far one of the most efficient and reliable way to get in touch with the Zenith bank customer care. I personally had an issue with my Zenith bank account a few weeks back and I decided to put a call across to their customer care. I placed the call, made my compliant and few days after, the issue was totally resolved. You see, Zenith bank customer care number is very reliable and their response is very swift.

Now that we have established the fact that calling Zenith bank customer care is very reliable, you are probably asking; so what is the number to call? Relax! The Zenith bank customer care number is 234-1-2787000 or 0700ZENITHBANK. It will interest you to note that the calls are toll free; this means you will not be charged for making this call. So when next you have an issue with your Zenith bank account, simply pick up your phone and dial any of the numbers above, although you may be placed in line, but don’t worry, in no time, you will be attended to.

If this method is not convenient for you, then you can try out other methods listed below.

Through Their Social Media Platforms

Honestly, from one Zenith bank customer to another, this method is not very reliable, especially when you need swift response. It may take days before someone responds to any message you send to their social media pages. But, who knows, you might just be lucky and get a very swift response, so yeah, feel free to try it out yourself. A little advice though, for a quick response, contact them via this method during working hours. Some of the platforms you can reach them on are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, when you have an issue with your account, you can log on to any of these platforms and send a message to them.

Their handle on the various platforms are

Facebook – facebook.com/Zenithbank

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/zenithbank

Twitter – twitter.com/zenithbank


Via The Zenith Bank Live Chat Portal

Another method through which you can contact Zenith Bank customer care is via their live chat portal. On this portal, you get to chat live with a customer care representative. The steps to follow are:

  1. You can do this by logging on to http://www.zenithbank.com.
  2. On the bottom right corner you will see “live chat”, click on it.
  3. Then, type in your name, email address and the message or compliant you wish to lay.
  4. Click on start chat. Within a short time, an agent will attend to you.

Easy right? Go ahead and try it out today or the next time you have an issue that needs sorting out.


Zenith Virtual Assistant (ZiVA)

Zenith bank also provide a WhatsApp service for quick and easy customer care service. This service is known as ZiVA (Zenith Virtual Assistant). You can reach ZiVA on this number: 2347040004422. This method is very quick and efficient. If you have a WhatsApp enabled phone and you do not feel the need to use any of the other methods outlined above, then this method is your best bet. The WhatsApp service is a 24 hours service.

Visit Any Zenith Bank Branch Near You

If you have tried all else and still, the issue has not been resolved, then I think it is time to visit any Zenith bank branch office near you. When you get to the bank, ask to speak with a customer care representative and then go ahead to make your complaint.

You can also send a compliant letter to the bank; this is in accordance with the regulation of the Central Bank of Nigeria, in its circular – FPR/DIR/CIR/GEN/01/020, which was made in 2011.

Depending on the nature of your complaint, it may be resolved within a few minutes hours or a few working days. Although, Zenith bank has been mandated to resolve your compliant within a maximum of 14 working days.

Other Methods Through Which You Can The Zenith Bank Customer Care Are:

  1. Email address:


  1. Other phone numbers
  • 2782734
  • 23412781543
  • 2781588
  • 2781555
  • 2787000
  • 2784056
  • 2781568
  • 2782273
  • 234-01-2781740
  • 234-1-2708930-4



I hope this article has been helpful in providing all the information you need as regards Zenith bank customer care service. Therefore, the next time you have a compliant or an issue with your Zenith bank account quickly make use of any of the methods explained in this article and in no time, the issue will be resolved.

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