Jamb Reprint –What You Need To Know

Jamb Reprint –What You Need To Know

Welcome to our blog post on Jamb reprint and what you need to know about this.

Are you a student getting ready to take the JAMB 2023/2024 exam? It is crucial to understand what the JAMB reprint is all about and its purpose. Even if you are not a student getting ready to take the JAMB exams, you might need this information for someone (a friend or family member) you know who could.

Millions of students all over Nigeria are preparing to take the JAMB 2023/2024 exams this year. Making enough preparations is very important, as this will help them pass and score highly in their JAMB results.

One of the many preparations students need to take note of is learning about the Jamb reprint and its significance. So if you’re currently a student preparing to take the JAMB 2023/2024 examinations, you are in the right place to know all about the JAMB reprint slip and its importance.

Are you eager to know what the Jamb reprint slip is? Keep scrolling and reading, as we’ll show you what you need to know about this in this blog post.

What Is JAMB Examination Slip?

The JAMB examination slip is a very important document that contains information about your biodata, examination, and UTME subject combinations.

The purpose of this JAMB reprint slip is primarily for your examination, so you can bring a copy with you when you go to write your exams. The printout of the examination slip will tell you the date, time, and location of your examination. This is an unarguable step you need to take after your JAMB registration.

Reprinting the JAMB examination slip is required to determine your exam date and location. It also serves as your entrance ticket to the examination hall. Unlike in the past, when students received their exam date and time as soon as they completed online registration, students no longer receive this information(s) unless they complete the mandatory reprinting exercise.

You can see why you shouldn’t assume your Jamb registration is complete until you reprint your Jamb slip at a nearby Jamb accredited center.

NOTE: To get the hard copy, you will have to pay a fee to print it out at a cybercafé. However, if you have a personal printer, you can print out the hard copy that you will take to your examination center.

Now for the main section of this blog post.

How to Reprint The JAMB Examination Slip 2023/2024

Do you know you can easily reprint your JAMB examination slip without making any mistakes? Do you know that you can reprint your JAMB examination slip even if it gets lost or misplaced? Continue reading if you answered yes to all of these questions. We’ll walk you through the processes you can use to get this done quickly.

NOTE: The JAMB website (if you want to reprint the 2023/2024 JAMB examination slip) is currently down below. But in the meantime, we would love for you to read through and keep checking this blog page for recent updates on the JAMB reprinting website (this is the official JAMB website that will be up in due time). So do not panic when you click the link and it shows you an error.

We will update this blog post with the reprinting date once the board (JAMB) decides on it and officially declares a specific date. However, registration for JAMB 2023/2024 is ongoing, and exam slips will be printed once registration begins.

Now that you know what the Jamb reprint slip here are three significant things you need to make this process complete

  • Your JAMB registration number
  • Your Phone number
  • Your email address(The email address you used while registering for JAMB)

If you have all the above, let’s move on to the methods and procedures for reprinting your JAMB examination slip. Here is how you can do this quickly:

Method One: Reprint via JAMB UTME e-slip re-printing Website
Reprint via JAMB UTME e-slip re-printing Website

1. Visit the JAMB UTME e-slip re-printing website(jamb.gov.ng.ng/PrintExamslip) by Clicking here

2. Enter either your JAMB registration number, your phone number, or your email address(the one you used in your JAMB registration)

3. Tap on the button showing  “Print Examination Slip” to get your exam details

4. You can easily print it out with your printer or go to a cyber cafe with a payment fee.

Method Two: Reprint via your email address

This method is especially useful for those who registered for JAMB using their email addresses and want to print their JAMB slip via email. If you are among this group of people, you must have been receiving messages from JAMB, and you will likely receive a message with all your examination details.

Below is how you can go about this:
Reprint via JAMB UTME e-slip via your email address

1. Go to your email account and check out all messages from JAMB. Check your spam folder if you don’t see this in your inbox.

2. Kindly note that this message has an attached PDF document, which you can download and view with any document file viewer.

3. Print it out immediately with either a personal printer or go to a cyber cafe. You can choose to make it colored or black and white. This all depends on you.

NOTE: You can print out this examination slip copy and make up to three (3) copies for reference purposes.

Tips To Note About The JAMB Reprint Examination Slip

As it is our utmost desire for you to know the importance of printing your JAMB slip, and we also want you to succeed in your JAMB exams and come out with unique flying colors, we have prepared some tips that you need to know regarding your exams and the JAMB examination slip you printed.

1. Ensure that your Jamb reprint slip is neatly printed and kept in a file. Make sure you do not write anything on the slip, as this may implicate you in one way or the other. Also, make sure you have all the necessary things (like your pen, JAMB slip, and any other document files)

2. Please note that this examination slip is the most crucial document you’ll need for your exams. It is the key that grants you access to the examination hall. Ensure that it is well-kept and not misplaced. Else you won’t be granted access to write your exams.

3. All UTME JAMB candidates posted to a center on Jamb’s bad book of record( banned or delisted centers) should not panic because the exam board will have to repost those affected candidates. They should now reprint their exam date, location, and time to get the most up-to-date locations.

4. You should also be aware that there is no change in a fixed JAMB exam date on your Jamb reprint slip. So do all you can to be at the venue and date of your exams.

5. Endeavor to go to your exam center early enough. If your exams are slated to start by 7 am, ensure to be at the venue at least 30mins before the time. This will help you settle in and prepare to write your exams well.

Can the candidate print the slip anywhere other than JAMB centers?

Yes, you can print your JAMB slip outside of JAMB centers. You can reprint at any cybercafé or on your printer. You can even do it yourself. All you need is your printer, your PC (personal computer), and an internet connection. This is not as stringent as your JAMB registration centers; you must register at any accredited JAMB center in Nigeria.

When should I have my jamb slip reprinted?

You should do this immediately. You don’t have to postpone this. Reprinting occurs only a few days after the JAMB website has been closed. According to Jamb, the exam is usually seven (7) days away.

This may look like an official deadline for when you should reprint, but you have to note that reprinting your JAMB slip technically has a deadline of a few minutes before your examination starts. 

And to avoid being disorganized and confused on the day of your exams because of the JAMB reprint slip, do this immediately after you register and have your duplicate copies, and save yourself the stress of running helter-skelter on the day of your exams.

Is the color of my JAMB slip important?

Many JAMB candidates keep asking this question. This doesn’t matter when you want to reprint your JAMB slip. All that matters is that your details, like your face, reg number, exam time, and exam center venue, are seen.

Is it possible to reprint my jamb slip at any cybercafé?

Sure, you can. You can reprint or make photocopies in any cybercafé or business center. Just be careful about who you give your JAMB details to. This is important.


In conclusion, JAMB reprinting is a process that every student who wishes to sit for the JAMB examination must undergo. Because without this slip, you can’t access your exam center.

Kindly be on the lookout for this webpage, as we will update this blog post with information on when the JAMB reprinting site is up and running. It is also essential that you duplicate your JAMB reprint slip when available, as this is only available for a limited time before the commencement of the JAMB examinations.

Do well to ask any questions you may have about any issue about this topic via our comment section. Also, send in your suggestion and comments. Thank You.

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