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Are you a secondary school student studying science and trying to decide which scientific program in Nigeria will be the best for you? You might also choose to apply for admission to a university scientific program after having graduated from secondary school for a period, or If you have ever wondered what courses are under the science department, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be highlighting the different science courses in Nigeria.

Science Department And Science Courses In Nigeria

In case you were unaware, the institution has more than five faculties where science degree programs are offered. The faculties of science, medicine, agriculture, engineering, technology, and the environment are among them. This article will classify the science department under; Physical, Chemical, and Biological sciences.

Physical science (Science courses in Nigeria)

This category includes everything in life that is inherently physical and is also frequently referred to as the abstract field of sciences. It deals with the physical side of life. It investigates the fundamental theories and variables that determine how certain physical events occur, how certain physical aspects of life relate to people, and anything else connected to life. The fields of physics, mathematics, and others fall within this area.

Chemical science (science courses in Nigeria)

This category of sciences focuses on the study of matter, including its makeup, structure, behavior, and qualities, which can be chemical or physical. It also considers the state of matter. And when we talk about the matter, we truly mean everything heavy and occupies space over time and in a specific location. All matter in the universe, including humans, the sun, gases, and the like, is what this field seeks to explore. The chemistry course is one instance of a course connected to this.

Biological science(science courses in Nigeria)


In this case, biological sciences include the study of all life. This field focuses on the study of life, including how it works, how it responds to various stimuli, how the environment affects it, and many other topics. Here, biology, the study of life, is the ideal illustration of a subject.

The subjects under the science department that are needed to study the science courses in Nigeria are;

  1. Mathematics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Biology
  5. Agriculture
  6. Computer Science
  7. Geography

Full List of Science Courses in Nigerian Universities

  1. Animal And Environmental Biology
  2. Animal Biology And Environment
  3. Anthropology (Biological)
  4. Applied Microbiology
  5. Applied Biochemistry
  6. Applied Biology
  7. Applied Biology And Biotechnology
  8. Applied Biology And Genetics
  9. Applied Botany
  10. Applied Chemistry
  11. Applied Ecology
  12. Applied Geology
  13. Applied Geophysics
  14. Applied Mathematics With Statistics
  15. Applied Microbiology And Brewing
  16. Applied Physics
  17. Applied Statistics
  18. Applied Zoology
  19. Archaeology
  20. Archaeology (Single Honor)
  21. Bio-Informatics
  22. Biochemistry
  23. Biological Science(S)
  24. Biology
  25. Biotechnology
  26. Botany
  27. Botany And Ecological Studies
  28. Botany And Microbiology
  29. Building Technology
  30. Cell Biology And Genetics
  31. Chemical Sciences
  32. Chemistry
  33. Chemistry And Applied Chemistry
  34. Chemistry And Industrial Chemistry
  35. Communication And Wireless Technology
  36. Communications Technology
  37. Computer Information And Communication Science
  38. Computer Science
  39. Computer Science And Informatics
  40. Computer Science And Information Science
  41. Computer Science And Information Technology
  42. Computer Science And Mathematics
  43. Computer Science With Economics
  44. Computer Science With Mathematics
  45. Computer With Electronics
  46. Computer With Statistics
  47. Conservation Biology
  48. Cyber Security
  49. Cyber Security Science
  50. Data Management
  51. Earth Science
  52. Ecology
  53. Ecology And Environmental Studies
  54. Electronics
  55. Electronics And Computer Technology
  56. Electrons
  57. Energy And Petroleum Studies
  58. Energy Studies
  59. Engineering Physics
  60. Environmental Biology
  61. Environmental Biology And Fisheries
  62. Environmental Health Science
  63. Environmental Management
  64. Environmental Management And Toxicology
  65. Environmental Science
  66. Environmental Science And Technology
  67. Fisheries
  68. Fisheries And Aquaculture
  69. Food Science And Technology
  70. Forensic Science
  71. Genetics And Biotechnology
  72. Geography
  73. Geography And Environmental Management
  74. Geography And Geosciences
  75. Geography And Planning
  76. Geography And Regional Planning
  77. Geological Sciences
  78. Geology
  79. Geology/Regional Planning
  80. Geology And Exploration Geophysics
  81. Geology And Geophysics
  82. Geology And Mineral Science
  83. Geology And Mining
  84. Geology And Petroleum Studies
  85. Geophysics
  86. Geosciences
  87. Human Biology
  88. Industrial And Environmental Chemistry
  89. Industrial Mathematics
  90. Industrial Chemistry

More Science Courses In Nigeria

  1. Industrial Mathematics/Applied Statistics
  2. Industrial Mathematics/Computer
  3. Industrial Microbiology
  4. Industrial Physics
  5. Industrial Physics/Applied Geophysics
  6. Industrial Physics/Electronics/ It Application
  7. Industrial Physics/Renewable Energy
  8. Information And Communication Science
  9. Information And Communication Technology
  10. Information And Media Technology
  11. Information Science And Media Studies
  12. Information Systems
  13. Information Technology
  14. Laboratory Technology
  15. Library And Information Science
  16. Management Information System
  17. Marine Biology
  18. Marine Biology And Fishery
  19. Marine Science And Technology
  20. Mathematical Sciences
  21. Mathematics
  22. Mathematics/Computer Science
  23. Mathematics/Statistics
  24. Mathematics And Economics
  25. Mathematics And Statistics
  26. Mathematics With Computer Science
  27. Mathematics With Statistics
  28. Meteorology
  29. Microbiology
  30. Microbiology And Biotechnology
  31. Microbiology And Industrial Biotechnology
  32. Molecular Biology
  33. Natural And Environmental Science
  34. Nautical Science
  35. Oceanography
  36. Operations Research
  37. Optometry
  38. Parasitology And Entomology
  39. Petroleum Chemistry
  40. Physical Sciences
  41. Physics
  42. Physics/Astrology
  43. Physics/Industrial Physics
  44. Physics/Material Science
  45. Physics And Applied Physics
  46. Physics And Computer Electronics
  47. Physics And Energy Studies
  48. Physics Electronics
  49. Physics With Computational Modeling
  50. Physics With Electronics
  51. Physics With Solar Energy
  52. Plant Biology
  53. Plant Biology And Biotechnology
  54. Plant Science
  55. Plant Science And Biotechnology
  56. Plant Science And Forestry
  57. Plant Science And Microbiology
  58. Pure/Applied Biology
  59. Pure/Applied Chemistry
  60. Pure/Applied Mathematics
  61. Pure And Applied Physics
  62. Pure And Industrial Chemistry
  63. Pure And Industrial Physics
  64. Pure Chemistry
  65. Pure Physics
  66. Science Laboratory Technology
  67. Software Engineering
  68. Sport Science
  69. Statistics
  70. Statistics/Demography
  71. Statistics And Computer Science
  72. Surveying And Geoinformatics
  73. Telecommunication And Wireless Technology
  74. Telecommunication Management
  75. Telecommunication Science
  76. Textile Science And Technology
  77. Zoology
  78. Zoology And Aquaculture
  79. Zoology And Environmental Biology

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Contrary to popular opinion, the science department is exciting and can be as fun as the Art department. All you need to know about the science department and science courses in Nigeria has been outlined in this article. I hope you find it helpful.

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