Airtel Night Plan – How to Subscribe

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Airtel Night Plan is one of the best plans that Airtel customers can choose from. With the cost of data right now from different phone companies, these night plans are the best deal.

In this guide, we will show you step-by-step how to do the airtel night plan using airtel codes.

What you need to know before setting up the Airtel Night Plan

Before we get into how to use the Airtel night plan, let’s talk about few things you need to know.  Here is list of these:
  • The night plan for Airtel runs between 12 am and 5 am.
  • You have to be on the Airtel Smart Trybe plan. So, if you are on a different plan, then you have to change your current plan. If you are interested in knowing how to do this, you can find out how to migrate to Smart Trybe here.
  • Lastly, to subscribe to this plan, you will need at least N25.

How to migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe

  • As before mentioned to get the night plan for Airtel you need to be on the Smart Trybe plan. To migrate:
    Dial *312#
    Then, Send “1” to Accept

Migrating to Airtel Smart Trybe is free. But if you have done so already in the past 30 days, then it will cost you N100.
How to migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe

What does Airtel Night Plan Offer

The plans offered by Airtel are two-fold:

  1. 500MB of data at N25, and
  2. 1.5GB of data at N150

How to do a Night Plan for Airtel

Once you have switched to Airtel Smart Trybe, you have two options:

How to subscribe to the 500MB Plan

You can also subscribe to the Airtel 500MB plan by using the following method:

  • Dial *312#
  • Next, type 3 to see the Airtel night browsing options
  • Then, type 1 to choose the 25 Naira plan, which gives you 500MB of data
  • You can repeat the above process if you want to add more data (Subscribing to this plan is doable a max of 4 times)
  • Please remember this lasts from 12 am to 5 am
    How to subscribe to the 500MB Plan

How to subscribe to the 1.5GB Plan

Similarly to the 500MB package, you can get the code to work for 1.5GB of data. Follow the steps below:

  • Dial *312#
  • Then, reply with 3 to see the options.
  • Next, select option 2 to choose the 150 Naira plan which gives you 1.5GB
  • Your account will be loaded with the right amount of data

MTN also provides a similar service called the MTN Night Plan. You can find details of the MTN Night Plan here

How to check night plan balance on airtel

  • As you use your data, you’ll probably want to know how much you have left. 
  • You can use USSD code that Airtel gives you to check this. Follow these easy steps:

    Dial *140# and hit “Send”

  • A list of options will be presented
    Click “Check Balance,” and you’ll see how much you have left on your night plan


All done!  We hope that these easy steps have answered your questions about how to sign up for the Airtel Night Plan. If you have any more questions, leave comment, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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