Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan-All You Need to Know

Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan is one of the best loan providers in Nigeria.

When it comes to offering loans without collateral, this is one loan platform you should try out. Sterling Bank Nigeria offers the KiaKia loan, a platform for collateral-free loans. It currently provides rapid, short-term loans for individuals and businesses.

‘KiaKia’ implies swiftly or, much better, ‘quickly,’ if you speak pidgin English. Just as the name implies, so it is. It is quick, smart, and convenient.

You can be sure of a stress-free method of borrowing money provided by KiaKia. You don’t need much to get the Sterling bank KiaKia loan. No need of visiting the bank or standing in long queues.

KiaKia has its full license as an online lender for personal and business loans. They offer loans starting at N10,000 and going up to N200,000.

It’s fascinating to know this. Isn’t it?

Also, you need to bear in mind, that you must have a functioning bank account in order to apply for this loan.  All loans can only be deposited in any operating bank account, thus you must have one of those.

You can obtain this loan with just a few items. This blog post is to make the process of receiving the Sterling Bank Kia-Kia loan offer simple for you. We’ll be showing you all you’ll need to make the application process easy for you.

 In this blog post, we will be showing you how you can obtain the Sterling Kia-Kia loan and what you will be needing to apply for this loan.

Requirements for the Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan

You don’t even need to have a Sterling bank account. You can have an account with any commercial bank in Nigeria. These are the basic things you’ll need:

1. You must be a resident of Nigeria

2. Your Smart Phone/PC

3. An active Phone number(any Network will do)

4. Your valid email address

5. You must have a Bank Verification Number (BVN). Also an account with one of Nigeria’s mainstream commercial banks.

6. You must be above 21 years of age 

7. Proof of at least one confirmed source of income. Either employment in the public or private sector or ownership of a business

8. A valid identity card. Basically, your work ID or Government issued ID if you’re self-employed

9. You must submit evidence of income. Evidence such as electronic bank statements/email or SMS screenshots.

Alternatively, you may also connect your bank account to Mr. K Software. This is solely for the purpose of obtaining details of bank transactions and authorizing Kia-Kia to view such transactions.

You may be wondering who is Mr. K.

Mr. K is the online Sterling Bank KiaKia chatbot that you get to interact with via their website. It helps you with your signing up process and also with the application process. By conversing with Mr. K (an online chatbot), their adaptable online loan agent. It facilitates and process loan applications quickly in real time. 

These are essential things you’ll need to begin the loan application process. Now let’s show you how you can apply for the Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan

How to Apply for the Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan

Simply click the “GET A LOAN” button on the home page to initiate a loan request or application. Mr. K will then ask you a series of pertinent questions, to which you must respond. That’s how easy it is.

In this section, we will are showing you procedures on how you can apply for this loan offer. You can apply for this loan via the Kia Kia website.
Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan Website

Follow the steps below to successfully submit your loan application:

1. Visit the Kia Kia website

2. Complete the required fields to create an account.

3. Begin application chat with Mr. K(Kia Kia chatbot)

4. Upload a government-issued ID or a work ID.

5. Type the desired loan amount in.

6. Choose your loan tenure or duration.

7. Upload a screenshot of your SMS alerts or a PDF of your latest 3 months’ salaries or your business’s income.

8. Agree to the terms and conditions of the loan (IF APPROVED)

9. Authenticate the bank accounts you’ve provided.

10. Wait patiently as you will get credited.

The Sterling Bank Kia Kia Loan App

At the time, Kiakia doesn’t have a loan app.

They currently make all of our borrowing services. This is available via mobile and desktop web platforms for consumer interaction and use. This allows users of utility phones to access every one of our services.

Sterling Bank – Interest Rate, Loan Tenure & Repayment

Sterling KiaKia loan allows you to lend money at incredibly low and flexible interest rates. From as low as 6.5% to 24%.

But one thing is certain: when you apply for a loan, the specific applicable interest rate will be disclosed, and you can decide whether to accept it or not.

Loan Tenure

For first-time customers, the longest loan term is 30 days. However, loan terms can be extended to a maximum of 18 months based on your credit score and trust points.

Repayment Options
Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan Website- Repay Loans

To repay a loan, simply choose the ‘REPAY A LOAN’ option from Mr. K’s menu.

Then select one of the following choices to repay a loan: –

1. You can make a Bank Transfer to Kiakia Bits Limited

Guaranty Trust Bank |  1016013383 

 Zenith Bank Plc | 0025273484

2. Debit Card Payment option

3. Bank Transfer to Your Unique Account with Monnify. Through a Monnify Unique Account
Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan Website- Repay Loan Chats

Despite the fact that Kia Kia provides a service that is entirely online, you may still get in touch with them whenever you need to via Mr. contact K’s form.

You can also reach out via customer service helplines.




09034425508, or 08078443174

You can also do that via any of our social media accounts. You can email them at [email protected]

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